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Recent posts by Sanz Vai

I have a statement like this:

This works fine.

I changed the code to add one more where clause like this:

This cause unknown error and stopped my server. Exeception or Throwable didn't catch it. Here's the output on screen:

Unhandled exception
Type=GPF vmState=0xffffffff
Target=20030915 (Windows 2000 5.0 build 2195 Service Pack 4 x86)
ExceptionCode=0xc0000005 ExceptionAddress=0x1000a0b2 ContextFlags=0x0001003f
Handler1=0x111016c0 Handler2=0x10019730
EDI=0x00000064 ESI=0x0c2f8ea9 EAX=0x9c100057
EBX=0x0c2ec6d8 ECX=0x0b04b6cc EDX=0x0c2e5069
EBP=0x04632b00 ESP=0x0b04b6b8 EIP=0x1000a0b2

Hibernate gurus, any ideas?

I am using Hibernate 2, Windows 2000, WSAD 5.1.2

What was the problem? Could you share your code to write and retrieve Blobs using Hibernate?
It's true that you can serialize your own session objects and store them, say as Blobs in database. But you are not managing the JSF session objects. They are done by JSF framework.
17 years ago
JSF stores some components in HttpSession. How does this work in clustered environment?
17 years ago
How would you implement the concept of FrontController? This is the place I would initialize my application level properties, request filtering, and something else that is special to my app only. By extending ActionServlet, I can override the init() method and intialize all that my app needs here. How would you do this with JSF?
17 years ago
1. In Struts there are several extension points that will help you to create your own frameowork based on Struts eg. ABCActionServlet extends ActionServlet and then your application uses ABCActionServlet. Same way ActionForm and Action can be extended to provide your own 'base' forms and action. All common methods can be abstracted in your own base Controller, Form or Action. Can this be done in JSF - since FacesServlet is Final?

2. In Webframeorks like Struts or JSF some of the components are stored in HttpSession. How does this work in Clustered environment?
17 years ago
Peter, your answer is splendid. I just got my small Hibernate app working. One thing is clear to me: it will be dangerous to start using tools like Hibernate in commerical product without knowing the full architecture. You do not know what kind of exception it will throw and it is difficult to find why it is doing so. Secondly, you used it, liked it, but how would you convince your boss or the standards committee that it is a "mature" engouh product? Where is the guarantee that it doesn't have some bug that will break the app in the middle of some critical job? Who certifies the product? Has Sun approved it or certified it?



I think this is where the Segment and Flight come into play. Flight and Segment can have many to many relationship. Flight AC is made up of SegmentAB and SegmentBC. So you may either need to tweak the multiplicity or make some assumptions of your own and put that in Assumptions document.
1. No. I didn't change BDOM. But did add classes based on requirements.
2. No inheritance in BDOM.
3. Attributes, yes - all. For BDOM attributes are important coz BDOM basically represents DB schema. Methods - some.
4. lay over case?
5. 4 page file - assumptions for use cases, BDOM etc.
It took me around 6 months to finish and submit the assignment - mid July. I was not able to give proper time for this due to work and family. I took exam the next day. I got result back in 4 weeks. The result was posted in

I went over the requirements many times. Every time I re-read the requirements, I seemed to find problems in my design and changed it several times. Posts in JavaRanch helped to find answers to many of my questions and doubts.

I had 1 class diagram, 1 component diagram and 4 sequence diagram. Clas diagram did include session beans. Was careful on navigation, multiplcity, streotypes and other UML rules. Added several classes to meet the business requirements. Showed how I used patterns in Component Diagram. 1 Sequence Diagram for each use-case.
Got my results today. Scored 96%. Thanks a lot to JavaRanch.

Grade: P
Score: 96
Class Diagram (44 maximum) .......................... 43
Component Diagram (44 maximum) ...................... 42 Sequence/Colloboration Diagrams (12 maximum) ........ 11
We can argue a lot about this. But I agree with KPT. What's wrong in knowing the count? I would even like to know number of SCEAs by states in USA. You may never use it to bargain with HR, but knowing the count gives you some idea on where you are, how valuable you are etc.
18 years ago
I don't see the architect exam in the specified website? Will it appear only after the result is available? Why do I see upload/download assignment when I have already submitted the assignment and also taken the test?
I think you do need to ask Sun for Upload permission. Here's part of email I received when I ordered SCEA Part 2.

"Before you will be able to upload your assignment you will need to request upload rights via email to:"
Did you first ask for Sun's permission to upload assignment? If not, do that first. Once they grant rights, you can upload assignment. Send email to specified email.