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I dont think its the threads which are a problem. You have a memory leak I believe. Also, its possible that you just need more memory for the java process (tomcat instance i.e.)

14 years ago
cant you use regex to replace in string?
15 years ago
Has anyone used jprobe as a plugin with eclipse. How was your experience?
Also, how was your experience in general with jprobe?
15 years ago

It works fine for me. Can you give more details?


Are you saying that all syncronised methods are blocked... even of they are non-static?


1. You need to put the user credentials in session and remove them from the session at logout. When a page is rendered, you need to check if the credentials are still in the session

2. Do you mean like an IDE? Try eclipse

15 years ago
How can I get the session id from cookie to be logged in the http logs - access.log?
16 years ago
I cleared SCJP on 19th with 78%.. A little below what I was getting during mock tests.. But its okay i guess...

I used Dan's tests, Marcus green and This forum.. I used study material mentioned in FAQs of this forum..
17 years ago
acquiring the lock means that no other thread has access to the methods of that object..but only synchronised methods...
You can very well remove one of the +.. It is there to confuse us.. and simply means that k is positive.

You can change it to the following to see the difference
Comparision of primitives only compares values

DO these 3 mocks also give us a good idea of how much we can expect to score in the real exam? I skipped the ones which are not in scjp 1.4...
or should i use some other 1.4 specific ones?
I think the answer should be public.. variables in methods are not public... but not very sure!