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Recent posts by AhFai Chan

Hi. I have many columns displayed on UI and would like to display info on the field on mouse-hover.

Can someone point me to some sample codes please?

1 year ago
Is Dandelion still used?
When I look at its website, the last updates were in 2015.

Is it popular with web app developers?
It seems to generate a lot of error messages in UI.
1 year ago
OK, I think I have resolved the problem
I deleted .m2 folder and Maven rebuilt it.  After that, the project runs.
There are so many projects in there, I must find a common set of .jars with compatible versions and stick to them, I think Maven might have been confused with conflicting versions.

Informed opinion most welcome.

2 years ago
Ha, I knew there has to be a Tomcat forum here!

I am running Tomcat 9 on Windows 10 as a virtual server for my Spring WebMvc stuff and lately it won't start, neither automatically in Eclipse as server nor manually, always with the error message that it won't start in 45 seconds and to increase the startup time. So, I increased the startup time to 90 seconds, removed all the hooks to projects in Tomcat, cleaned the catalina directory except for last 2 days and closed all projects except the project I am working on.

Tomcat9 still won't start with the same message to increase the startup time.

Help please? What can I do to get Tomcat to wake up, short of re-installing it ?
2 years ago
Dear Mamood,

Oh I remember both Malaysia and Singapore well. Love your countries.

In the meantime, I have given the 1st phase to someone else already.

However I'd like to keep your contact email.

Kind Regards
2 years ago

Stephan van Hulst wrote:

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Do you think you will get anybody at that price at all? Especially if they have to familiarise themselves with what already exists.

I'd probably pick it up for a quick buck, but
1) I'm not living in the US, which appears to be a requirement,
2) Bootstrap makes me want to eat needles.

Umm, so far only people from overseas have asked and talked with me about it. And this is strange, no one from the US has asked about it seriously.

And another strange thing, it seems people prefer to use JSP + CSS + HTML5, which is fine by me.
Will you be using REST + Jackson instead of  JSON? I used JSON in Java <-> PHP <- JSON -> MySQL and it was a lot of typing ( the FX equivalent of ORM)
I prefer pojos and there are a lot of stuff I do not want to use e.g. Hibernate

I have seen you here for a rather long time, you might even have helped me with MVC on JavaFX a couple of years ago. So if you want it, by all means, lets work together.
If interested I will send you a docu and the SQL script to create a mysql-db. Please use Tomcat 9

About "quick", people said it will  take a few weeks part-time.

Where are you based?

P.S. ich habe gerade gemerkt, daß Sie in Deutschland ansassig sind?

2 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:

AhFai Chan wrote:. . . Phase-1 coding at most 2-3 weeks left, that's the US$3000. . . .

Do you think you will get anybody at that price at all? Especially if they have to familiarise themselves with what already exists.

I don't know.

There is not much to familiarize with. There are tables, a Maven file folder structure, a pom.xml file etc. I have left out codes I tried, so there's the basic project infrastructure to help start coding.

I am putting it out there to see if anyone wants it.

2 years ago

Stephan van Hulst wrote:So is phase 1 one to three months long, or is it two to three weeks long?

Phase-1 has been 2 to 3 months and has more to do with gathering business functions rather than coding and me familiarizing with data- and system-architectures, hence the specific requirements for UI frontend and for controllers/servlets backend  (only pojos please).

Phase-1 coding at most 2-3 weeks left, that's the US$3000. This is more for "show-and-tell", hence important to have a nice looking JSP+CSS U.I.  

Phase-2 has another budget and has nothing to do with the 3000. The extend and complexity of coding for phase-2 will depend on business. I will know more in coming weeks as it will be far more demanding.

P.S. Phase-1 ends when I deploy the system to AWS. I will be testing a deploy next week, you don't have to do any of that.
2 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Please tell us how much you are paying.

Thanks for the quick response.
I have budgeted US$3000 for phase 1 of my project.
Phase 1 is relatively simple.
I will send you
* SQL script to create MySql database with some test data
* pom.xml ( I have more dependencies than needed in 1st phase because I have moved onto phase 2)
* project folder structure
I will need
* login/out using bcrypt and role-based authorization
* persistency (CRUD) for a couple of tables
* load icons and images
Please ask for additional detail if you are interested
I need you to finish that in 2-3 weeks while I test deployment to AWS.

P.S. you can use codementor to ensure payment if you want, they are pretty good with that. But it’s up to you.
P.S. I will send you the ORM

2 years ago
Actually, anywhere in USA is fine as this is via ZOOM.

I am developing an eCommerce system with the usual functionalities, but using more interesting technology ecosystem. This will be a very interesting project for an experienced full-stack developer.

The project will need skills in Maven, Bootstrap (JSP + CSS + HTML5), Spring framework, Spring Mvc, Spring security etc. The actual coding is not complicated, however I do need the presentation, background images, banners etc to be thematically relevant and appealing to the targeted industry, so someone with graphic design experience using CSS will be needed.

This is a simple project, phase-one will last between one to three months

I have a high level list of the functions and technology streams in point rather than long narrative for easy reading, so if this kind of project interests you, please email me.
2 years ago

Tim Holloway wrote:Better yet, don't use stored procedures.
There is no universal stored procedure language the way there is for SQL.

Thank-you, everyone, for giving me your insight and experience.

Tim, couple of things, there's no universal SQL either, there are different SQL dialects, PL/SQL won't run in MS SQL and MS SQL won't run on MySQL e.g.
will run on Oracle, but not the other.
Another thing, there will come a time when I have to run SQL analytics for tens of thousands of rows and return discrete values, no ORM mappings there, just values.

I can't make UI look good even with Springboot and CSS ...
I intent to wrap stored procedures around my db-instance and developers can use the stored procedures to access information. It worked for me using JavaFX and PHP

My new proposed environment is    browser <-> webapp (probably JSP)   <->  servlet (probably Swing, but not XML) <-> JDBC <->  db-instance

On the one hand, I was thinking I should map all the fields in stored procedures to Hibernate, on the other hand, I am trying to minimize the components and frameworks and APIs in the ecosphere. If later, I will be the one doing the object to relational mapping.

So, what is better, use Hibernate or just plain old Java in Swing to execute the stored procedures and get the data?

Tim Holloway wrote:
(Betcha that left you with more questions.)  

OK, just one for now.

What sort of injections are the most often used / most popular with coders ?
2 years ago
Thank-you for sharing your experience.

Here is one more question, promise my last one on this topic

Just going by your experience with configuring Spring Containers, which of the following method would give me the least number of lines of codes + great overview of flow of control?
XML configuration
Java Source Code (the POJO approach)
2 years ago