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How about emulating Stream interface with statefull session bean?

It is true that we are shifting some client responsibility on server side (like closing stream, eating data chunk by chunk etc) but it think it more reliability in tread offs.

We should assume that client will sincerely consume data ASAP and will release our bean. Notably overhead of keeping statefull beans is not going to be much considering java implementation of streams.
Do you mean to write

[ September 06, 2007: Message edited by: Kedar Bhawarthi ]
just replace content of you HelloServer jar file with this:

your earlier server was not multi threaded and it was throwing exception from
as client was closing its output stream with
If we limit our discussion about Asymmetric Cryptography there are no public or private keys. It only says that there will be a unique combination of key as 'key A' and 'key B' with which
if you encrypt message with 'key A' you will be able to decrypt with 'key B'
and if you encrypt message with 'key B' you will be able to decrypt it with 'key A'

Now in real world when you apply this Asymmetric Cryptography in whatever ways *then* you say that, ok.. you designate one of the key as publicly shared and one as secrete/private; only then you will be able to mange secrecy.

So there should not be anything like - only private key can used to encrypt etc.
....make sense?
Hi Ashish!

HTTP is Stateless and Connectionbase protocol.
I am sure that no body has doubt about its Statelessness.

Now as we say, we have various protocol stack. And 'connection-orientedness' or 'connectionless-ness' of layer n layer protocol is not really dependent on these properties of n-1 layer protocol.
In other words you can build connection-oriented communication layer over connectionless layer (like some chatting application do over UDP protocol)or you can ....
build connectionless communication layer over connection-oriented layer .... something which HTTP do!!!
hence it is connectionbase protocol.
Given code doesnot seems to be enough to comment on, atleast provide stacktrace
15 years ago
thanks Avi, I am convinced to this fact now and adopted a workaround (a constrained one), thanks for your reply.
I calling a Java procedure from within oracle trigger.
But in that procedure I am not being able to get access of :new variable in query fired by JDBC.
I get error as
oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleSQLException: ORA-01008: not all variables bound

Please help me to fix this.

My Trigger is written like this

...where FRAUD_SCORE_TBL_ROW_ADDED procedure maps to a java procedure 'rowAdded'

I am trying to execute a code in rowAdded as...

My understanding is, if some code, executing under trigger (may be written in java, or PL/SQL) should have access to this :new variable.
Please correct me if I amk wrong.