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Any other books or sites besides "Head First.."?
From Bogot´┐Ż, Colombia; in Toronto, Canada
But that's only for Rrequest/Response MEP right?
Please Nick, we need your help badly badly badly :roll: :roll:
Hi all,

On the page 245-246, in the WSDL definitions for the add_publisherAssertion, it sais that both the output and the fault are a dispositionReport message.

Is that correct?
I found this in the WSDL specification:

For the HTTP protocol binding of SOAP, this is value required (it has no default value). For other SOAP protocol bindings, it MUST NOT be specified, and the soap peration element MAY be omitted.

Any online resources for that (besides the blueprints)?
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I think you are right
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targetNamespace is the namespace that is going to be assigned to the schema you are creating. It is the namespace an instance is going to use to access the types it declares. In the following code, the schema will be assigned to the namespace

In an XML document instance, you declare the namespaces you are going to be using by means of the xmlns attribute. For example:

The default namespace here is, which makes reference to the schema previously created. This namespace applies to the element that declares it, and its child elements, unles they are prefixed. In the example, all the elements belong to the default namespace, except addr:street. Since it is prefixed, it belongs to the addr namespace (xmlns:addr="";)
I got a 3.48, but I guessed most of the answers
I saw this question in a topic a few days ago, but then there was no answer, and now I can't find the topic again.

In the J2EE Web Services book, in the page 151, it sais that the only required SOAP binding elements are soapbind:binding and soapbind:body, but later it sais that soapbind peration is required.

Does anybody have clarity about which of the soap binding elements are required and which are not?
Me too!!!
But I haven't been able to actually schedule the test yet. Can you let me know when you guys do? Anyone in Toronto is going to reschedule?
Thanks Evelyn, that gives me peace of mind.