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Recent posts by K Anshul

Originally posted by Aravind Kumar:

Thanks Jay. I dont have foreign experience, and they will be filing h1b for me. I am having good job in India, is it worthful to move?

You or your cousin
15 years ago

Originally posted by Joel Ricker:

It looks to me like they've done this less out of testing and more to avoid a "slashdot" effect. Rather than deal with an initial rush of users, they can scale up the servers based on normal use.

BTW, I have a couple of invitations I can send out. Let me know if someone here would like one.


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Please send me an invitation at anshulkayastha at yahoo dot com
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17 years ago

Originally posted by Radhika Gokhale:

I am preparing for scjp 1.4 exam from past 2 months. I have solved some of the mock papers available on net. Today I solved the test available at :
http://www.jchq.net/phezam. and scored 75% marks.

Can anyone please suggest wether the acual exam is tough than this or is it the same. also people who have taken these exams advice me about this and do I need to prepare more..

Please guys respond asap as I want to finish off this paper soon


Marcus Green's exam is very close to the the difficulty level of the actual exam. Don't forget to do Dan's exams they are slightly difficult but are really good.
[ July 12, 2004: Message edited by: Anshul Kayastha ]
K&B mock exams and Marcus Grene's mock tests are very similar to the level of difficulty of the actual exams.
I think this thread should be here


Originally posted by Milind Shah:
Just to be more Precise, I am using the following book to study for the certification

Java 2 Sun Certified Programmer and Developer for Java 2.
by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates.
Publication: Dreamtech.

Would like to know if anyone has used this book and given the certification, just to be sure that it is good inuf to go thru the exam smoothly, and also with flying colors.
Please let me know any other book that is good for preparing for the java certification. Your Help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a million
-Milind Shah

You already have the the best book. I found it easiest of all and covers everything as far as the exam is concerened. Do all its mock questions both at the end of the each chapter as well as in the CD. If u want to pass with flying colors don't forget Marcus and Dan's mock exams.
There is another very good book by Khalid Mughal. It contains a little bit more info than needed for the exam, will help u in increasing your java knowledge.
[ July 11, 2004: Message edited by: Anshul Kayastha ]

Originally posted by natarajan raman:
Hi all,
I would like to know is it safe to download

NetBeans 3.6 IDE release

I want to know will it have any malicious implications on my system.
Please reply soon.


No it'll not have any malicious implications on your system.
May be this thread should be here


Just a thought.
[ July 10, 2004: Message edited by: Anshul Kayastha ]
Exactly the same problem here.
Don't know the reason though.

Originally posted by tanu dua:
Ya Anshul i have the book for 310-025.

Actually i have not taken a voucher yet from Prometric centre ,perhaps ill take in 10 to 15 days.So i should follow the objectives of 310-035,isnt it.

Plz reply.

310-025 book doesn't cover everything in 310-035 exam.
From FAQ

Exam objectives: AWT and IO have been dropped. Assertions and Wrapper classes have been added. Deeper understanding of the Collections Framework is required (hashCode and equals).
Passing score: has been reduced from 61% to 52%
Time:still 120 minutes
Number of questions: 61
Level of difficulty: as SUN claimed it is said to be more difficult.
Format of questions:

most questions (estimated 80-90%) still have code samples 6-30 lines long.
multiple choice questions may have more than four options, but you will be told how many options you should choose

For assertions u may consult this

If u r going in for SCJP 1.2(310-025) u'll have to do IO's and awt. If u are going in for scjp 1.4(310-035) don't need to do them instead u'll have to do assertions.
Seems u are viewing objectives for 310-035(scjp 1.4) and u have a book for 310-025(scjp1.2).
[ July 10, 2004: Message edited by: Anshul Kayastha ]

Originally posted by Anton Golovin:
You named a method in your abc class the same as the class, which is only reserved for constructors (which may not have the void key word.)

You may name a method same as the name of the class but it is not a good practice at all.
17 years ago
If the problem is inserting into the database you can use PreparedStatement.
PreparedStatement takes care of quotes that may be a part of the String.
17 years ago
You did a great job.
17 years ago
I think they take a couple of days