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Recent posts by Beny Na

Hi Roel,
I have almost finished my programming assignment, but at that time i am still not sure if what i have done is right. and i am back to my country for 4 years and i leaved my programming assignment(almost 80% i have finished). Could you please help me to refer to the link where oracle has announced about the termination of the url bird assignment?
Anyway, i will contact oracle as you suggest to explain my situation.
I appreciate any further suggestion from others ..

Thank you
i have downloaded my scjd assignment in 2007 and until now i haven't upload my assignment yet. it has been 4 years, is it still possible for me to upload the assignment?
my assignment topic is url bird. And i have done the essay part in 2007.
Sorry if i am repeating this question, just want to make sure before going forward with my assignment.

Thank you
i called sun australia this morning, they said they have a problem with the online payment. and anyone who would like to take the essay exam should register manually by phone to sun.

Thank you
Thank you Barry,

Till now, i haven't received any email from ?
How long does it usually takes to process my payment?
i have purchased a voucher for my scjd essay exam and i haven't got voucher number on the email(see below)
In my experienced if i bought a voucher i will straight have the voucher number on the email. i don't know if they will send my voucher in my next email, it is unusually like this.
any idea what happened?

THank you

Student ID# 53679 User Name# beny_java.

Please read this entire page as it contains important information. You should also
print or save this page for your records.

Product(s) Ordered
Order # Product ID Price Authorization # Transaction #
(Sun Certified Developer for the Java 2 Platform)
N/A AU-CX-310-027 AU$ 316.00 1186065030357
Subtotal: AU$ 316.00
GST (10%): AU$ 31.60
Total: AU$ 347.60

Payment Information
Your credit card (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-9089) will be charged for the total order price, plus
applicable sales tax. A receipt will be sent for your records.


Legal Terms
Please review important information regarding product terms and conditions and
cancellation at:

Certification Exam Voucher

Exam Title: Sun Certified Developer for the Java 2 Platform
Product ID: AU-CX-310-027
Exam Voucher Number: N/A
Voucher Expiration Date: N/A

Thank you for your order of a Sun certification exam(s). You have up to one year from
the date of purchase to use your exam voucher. Each voucher may only be used at an
Authorized Prometric Testing Center in the country where it was purchased. Please be aware
that exam vouchers are nonrefundable for any reason.

To schedule the exam, please contact Prometric at (800) 795-3926 (United States and
Canada). You can also visit the Prometric Web site at (United
States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom). While on the 'Client and Program Selection' web
page be sure to select 'Sun Microsystems' as the 'Client', and Select 'Sun Microsystems
(310, 311)' as the 'Program'. Please be aware that the voucher number is case
sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown above (example: SE12345678 instead of

If you have paid for the exam voucher using purchase order or check, you will receive
your exam voucher number when payment is received.

If you have paid for the exam voucher by training credit, you will receive your exam
voucher number after verification of training credit funds.

When taking your exam, you must answer "yes" to the privacy statement that is asked
prior to the exam. If you answer "no", you will forfeit your exam and we will be unable to
give you a replacement voucher. For Sun's certification terms and conditions, please
go to

If you have any questions, please contact Sun via e-mail message at Please include your name, exam voucher number and
Prometric Candidate ID. If you have not previously tested for a Sun certification exam through
Prometric, you will not yet have a Prometric Candidate ID.

Thank you for your interest in Sun certification, best of luck with the exam.

Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems
[ August 03, 2007: Message edited by: Barry Gaunt ]
"alone - start server in local mode (asking for datafile path) and later client in local mode (no RMI)"
what does it mean, i don't think we have to start the server for alone mode
that statement above confuse me, i don't see it on my assignment specs, maybe mine is different with yours

Thank you
Hi ..
i am doing urlbird assignment...and still have lock/unlock only have one parameter(recNo).
My lock/unlock method using a method from java.rmi.server.RemoteServer.getClientHost() to determine the owner of the lock record.
But i don't know exactly the way SUN will test my lock/unlock method. Will they run the test from local or network(different computer) to test the lock/unlock method?
IF this question has been asked by someone please help me to refer the links...

Thank you

Originally posted by Khaled Mahmoud:
For me If was allowed to do the assignment in C++ I would have chosen

So why you are taking SCJD when it is ABSOLUTELY not allowed you to use C++?
you are just wasting your money,time for taking this exam.
i bet you won't say this when you are not failed the exam

first from dos prompt you can type : path (c:\path) to check your current path...

or find where your rmic is, using dir /s rmic.???
e.g my rmic is located at C:\j2sdk1.4.2_11\bin
..\bin contain javac.exe java.exe javadoc, etc...

then you need to add it to your path.
from your error, you are using windows, then :
1. go to start->setting->controlpanel
2. and choose system
3. then click on advanced tab,
4. choose environment variables.
5. from system variables panel choose variable field with value "path"
6. then double click or click edit button...
you will see a text box, then add value c:\whereyourjava5reside\bin;
or if your rmic is located at c:\a\b\rmic.exe
then put command on c:\>
"path c:\a\b"

example :

i did the same as yours, put rec no on jtable..
i don't know if we will lose any marks, as long as it is not affecting your program it would be ok ...
thks mihai,

you don't need notified observer/s thru network

yes in this assignment we dont have to notify observer thru the net, but
on my design(local mode), gui component such as Jtable will registered as an observer to the model.

sorry i can't describe my code clearly, hope you can get my idea from the code above.
the code above is what i have done so far by implementing the mvc pattern on local mode. is it right?
Pls help me,
hi Mark,

Always think of Model = data, View = GUI, and Controller is the one that handles the GUI Actions and passes it to the Model, and when the Model changes the Controller passes the changes to the View

i still learn on how to work with mvc for my scjd.
From my understanding about mvc is : when the model changes(by user action-->to controller), then the model itself will notify one/all of the registered observer/s to GUI, Not the controller passees the changes to the view. Pls correct me ...
Registered observer, e.g JTable

And i am having a trouble when trying to apply mvc over the network with my current understanding since server have to notified observer/s thru network and design become complicated somehow.

pls give me some advice
what i need to do is using reference of type interface DBMain and the actual object is Data.
eg. DBMain db = new Data();
db.methodB() // db doesnt' know anything about methodB() therfore this statement will not run, and how to make it works?

Except if i create another interface that has methodB() and another interface implements DBMain.
e.g interface XXX { methodB()}
interface YYY extends XXX,DBMain{}

public class Data implements DBMain,YYY{}

my main reference will be YYY that know methodA and methodB.
e.g YYY data = new Data();
data.methodB(); // it will work, but not the right answer..

My will implements DBMain and required to implements Observable as well, because i am trying to apply mvc pattern in my assignment, and reference of type DBMain will be required in my Controller constructor .

i hope you understand what i mean, sorry if my writing confuse you.

hi Simon, thanks for your reply,
anyway, it is sun requirement that "must" implement DBMain interface. If Data doesn;t implement the DBMain that is provided by sun then it could result in automatic failure..

hi all,
my assignment is urlbird
Sun give me DBMain as an interface and Data as a class that implements DBMain.

in my, i have add some extra methods that are not defined in DBMain.

I need to use reference of type DBMain that call a method that is added in Data class. How to do that since we can't do that in java?
interface DBMain{
void methodA();

class Data implements DBMain{
void methodA(){}
void methodB{}{} // add a new method that is not defined in DBMaininterface

class Test{
DBMain db = new Data();
/* how to call db.methodB() using reference of type DBMain */

pls help