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Nuts about permaculture. Have helped a fair bit with the engineering/innovation of rocket stoves. Have built a lot of raised garden beds. I have a controversial position on light bulbs. And here is all the paul wheaton stuff.
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We recorded a permaculture design course here a couple of years ago. And here is the information about future courses.
Here's the paul wheaton permaculture podcast.
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Recent posts by paul wheaton

I kinda forgot about this thread.  I got an email saying that some of the boost I put on this thread was expiring.   And now I see that it has  312,800 views.
2 months ago

Mike Savvy wrote:Thank you for the explanation, I understand the part with certification (but who will proof that and give certificates?).

It is happening now.  People that are already PEP1 certified can certify others.  People that have completed a certain BB can certify others.  It is all built into the software at this time on (which is running the same software as coderanch).

But I do not understand the purpose and why is that meaningful to say that you have worked as a SE the whole life? I think that point has confused me.

I created this web site as part of my software engineering journey.  For many years my motivation was to save up enough to be able to buy a homestead.  I did that.  If I had known about the shortcut, I would have taken it.  

So what are you and other people would like to have? To have a land? For home / garden ?  How is your idea works?

I now have land.  Others want land.  I am trying to make people aware of the shortcut.

Somebody has the garden and everybody can help him with planting trees?
P.S. is that really a problem to buy a land? In many places in europe you can become that nearly for free.

I cannot speak to stuff about nearly free land.  I am sharing what I do know.
2 months ago

Mike Savvy wrote:I read the email, this topic, kickstarter, website, saw the video, but I still don't understand what is the story about

It is odd.

At this moment, I think the video conveys it best.

A huge list of tasks.  Each task is verifiable.  You do a task and post pictures proving that you did the task.  Then move on to the next task.  When you have completed about 80 tasks (which should take about two to four weeks) you are PEP1 certified.  PEP2 takes about three months.  PEP3 takes about nine months more and PEP4 takes about two years more.  

Each person has a different story.  Some people will pursue PEP1 just to build the skills - just to know this sort of thing.  Personal growth.  Some people have inherited land and they want to do this sort of thing, but don't have any skills.  

Another angle is that a lot of people want to get into homesteading, but it is brutally expensive.   People earning $50,000 per year are looking at properties that cost more than a million dollars.  And homesteading does not mix well with a mortgage.  Some people are forming collectives - to buy a homestead or raw property as a group - and that's a 90% failure rate.  

As a software engineer, I spent years working freaky long hours trying to save up enough to buy land to go into homesteading.  And it turns out there was a massive shortcut all along that I didn't know about.

2 months ago

Rick Silva wrote:You could release the book on Amazon KDP, which would basically cost you nothing.

The thing we set the kickstarter up for is the several rounds of editing, layout and printing.  And if you get 10,000 books printed, it is a lot cheaper than printing them one at a time.  We hope to get books out to thousands.

On a related note, i got the last of my stuff off of amazon a few months ago.   I am encouraging me co-author to put this book up on amazon when all the editing and layout is done.
2 months ago

Peter Azurahc wrote:Great idea! I'm jumping on the Kickstarter now.

2 months ago

Carol Murphy wrote:This makes me smile very broadly. There is hope for America after all?

I feel like there is a lot of weird gloom and doom around.   I think this project, and some other recent projects are a sort of "cure" for the gloom and doom.  I think we have accomplished some massive positive things!
2 months ago
Totally serious.  

There are a lot of different ways to look at this, but for software engineers ... what is your end game?  After working for several decades, a few of you might want the same path I took:  a quiet place in the country with a garden and a few critters.  

So I did the engineering thing for decades.  I made this web site.  I bought the land ....     and then I kept meeting elderly land owners looking for somebody to will all their stuff to.   They desperately wanted to find somebody that would keep on homesteading instead of their property getting bulldozed.  

This is our kickstarter video - i think it tells the story really well:

To go to the kickstarter


2 months ago