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paul wheaton

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since Dec 14, 1998
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Nuts about permaculture. Have helped a fair bit with the engineering/innovation of rocket stoves. Have built a lot of raised garden beds. I have a controversial position on light bulbs.
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Two software engineers write a book on how to save the world!

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1 month ago
The building our server was in lost power for 20 minutes.  Apparently, something wasn't on backup power.

1 month ago
We took that away a few years ago with the idea that we were going to implement some changes to our software.  
4 months ago
Maybe if a user requests that their thread be marked as resolved, it notifies the staff to come mark it as resolved?
5 months ago
The ability to downvote is only for people that have PIE.  So it would seem to be a limited group of people.
5 months ago
i like the double dot.
5 months ago
I think if you refresh the page three times, it will add three views to the count.
5 months ago
I've heard of "unique visitors" but what do you have in mind when you say "unique views"?
5 months ago
The new feature in production now is:  leave the post up, but give the author a chance to make an edit. If the author doesn't edit it within ____ days, then delete it.

The upcoming feature will be called almost-a-post.   It will merge the above feature with the "probation post" feature and add a lot of controls and stuff.   At the same time, we hope that we get all of the user edit button stuff implemented.

6 months ago
This is a relatively new feature, and we currently have a long list of changes to improve it, and when those changes are done, I think we will come up with even more changes.   As is, we have an all volunteer staff, and changes are made with volunteer developers.   It could be a while.  

So, for now, we make the best of it.
6 months ago

Harry Kar wrote:I experience a weird behaviour with new view, I'm tired to scroll horizontally pages  am i the sole to experience that? for you horizontal scrolling is helpful?

is this on a particular page?
6 months ago
I think we've been mentioning this for years.  
6 months ago
I'm pretty sure that at this time, all editing is suspended.
8 months ago