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paul wheaton

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since Dec 14, 1998
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Nuts about permaculture. Have helped a fair bit with the engineering/innovation of rocket stoves. Have built a lot of raised garden beds. I have a controversial position on light bulbs.
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Recent posts by paul wheaton

Harry Kar wrote:I experience a weird behaviour with new view, I'm tired to scroll horizontally pages  am i the sole to experience that? for you horizontal scrolling is helpful?

is this on a particular page?
1 week ago
I think we've been mentioning this for years. 
1 week ago
I'm pretty sure that at this time, all editing is suspended.
1 month ago
This is a feature that was added this year.  

I like the idea that it could be the new way that greenhorns get promoted to ranch hands.   And maybe it could play a part in ranch hands being promoted to ranchers.   And maybe a bit on how ranchers might get promoted to staff.   And so on. 

Until we get a bit more serious about it, I suppose it is mostly a bit of a novelty.
1 month ago
i removed "neighbors". 

As for the rest ....     i think we are well past time to give the cattle drive a massive overhaul.   I shared some ideas with the staff about a whole new generation for the cattle drive, but didn't get any takers.

2 months ago
I'm not sure, but I think the current settings are that only staff can edit.   We designed a richer algorithm for edit stuff, but it has not been implemented yet.
2 months ago
I see two question marks, but I am struggling to understand the question(s).
2 months ago
I suspect that we don't do that now.  If you could mock up what you are thinking of we might put it on the to do list.
2 months ago
We got funded in 18 hours!   And have since blown past four stretch goals!  Woohoo!

4 months ago
I have a 4-dvd set called "Wood Burning Stoves 2.0" - on DVD4 we make something to compete with a turkey cooker.  And then a blacksmith stops by and says "I think that would work as a forge.  So, in the video is the turkey cooker competition (rocket wins) and then about 20 minutes of using it like a forge.

And then Erica made plans:

Does this help?
4 months ago
Maybe a mockup of this thread?  Maybe a mockup of a forum page?
4 months ago
for me, I can hit the home button. Not sure if that works for everybody.
5 months ago