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Employer might not be expecting you to work on any critical task he may expect necessary support from you though. You should attend daily stand ups and send off meetings but give priority to your job search.

I lost one onsite opportunity because I gave less importance to the interview and kept on working on tasks assigned to me . Manager may assign tasks to you but it is you who can best prioritize the things.

All the best for your next assignment.

6 years ago
Congratulations. What is the next in line?
When I take interview, I read the resume carefully. I look at his educational qualifications, skillet and exp level. I check his current project, his day to day roles, contribution to the project, etc

I start asking questions keeping in mind the level at which he is supposed to work. Conceptual questions on OOP, core java are expected to be answered. For senior level I check his/her views about non functional aspects like performance, managing builds and releases, debugging and troubleshooting, different logging frameworks, knowledge of diff app server, web servers, interface with other apps, clustering, etc. I do ask questions on UML and design for senior level position. Normally I talk at least for 30 mins to the candidate
6 years ago

Just received eCertificate (PDF) from OCP Certification Support Team.

I will get the reimbursement for my exam fees for sure.

Thanks all

Thanks All,

I was trying to download my eCertificate but it is giving error. Is there any requirement to write upgrade exam for the getting actual Certificate?

Note - I did SCJP and SCWCD prior under prometric id. My prometric id is merged with pearson id and I can see all my old sun certifications in CertView.

I requested for hard copy using OCP Certification Support but just wondering if there are any further requirements!

I was able to see my score card today. Yes I passed 1z0-798 with 70% score.

I was trying to take this web services certification since quite long. Last two months I got a time since I was between projects and decided to utilize this time to take it.

I started preparing for this exam in last month. Prepared full time for last two weeks and finally passed.

Exam is very tough. I thought I failed. After the exam I was unable to access CertView and for 24 hours I was frustrated. I got delighted seeing success mail from oracle and today I was able to see actual score card.

Both MZ's notes, MZ's quize and Enthuware mock exam helped me a lot for this exam. There were few questions on use of public key for verification of certificate, encoding of compound types and elements, etc.

To my surprise one question on WSDL got repeated as it is (bonus for me)

All the best.


Thanks Jeanne for the reply. I gave 1z0-897 and it is live exam in production. Apart part from getting the reimbursement for the exam fees, I am more excited to know how well I scored.

Anybody who passed recently (less than a week) who took Oracle exam in India, Are you getting score card from testing center or from CertView portal?

Congratulations Rami. I too given it yesterday but I didn't know my result yet. You got yours from certView or from test center?
6 years ago
Congratulations. Vaibhav.

Where did you got your score card from? I gave my 1z0-897 yesterday but the test center lady told me to collect the score card from oracle web site. I didn't know the result even!
6 years ago
Just noticed following instructions in red on website

"For candidates who have taken a certification exam on or after 13 Nov 15, you may be unable to view your Certification Credential in Certview. This is a new issue that we have encountered in Certview, which is being worked on and we will update this message once the issue is resolved. Kindly refrain from raising SRs if you are facing the issue."

Has anybody faced similar issue?


Yesterday I took my OCEJWS exam. I was not having any idea about the result because no score card got generated after the exam. It said results will be available in CertView after 30 mins.

I was unable to login to CertView since last 2 weeks may be because I did a merge of my old SUN (prometric id) with Oracle (person id).

Untill today when I received congratulation email from saying "Congratulations on earning your Oracle Certification credential!"

The subject line said - "Important Notice From Oracle: Access Your Certification eCertificate and Request Your Printed Certificate"

Should I consider I cleared it? Did you guys received similar conversion?

Can't wait to see my score card.

I am still unable to access CertView. Even raised 2 SRs as of now.

What do you think did I really cleared?

Frits Walraven wrote:If the node processes the header and determines that information in the header is invalid, it will return soap:Client.

Hi Frits,
soap:Client will be throws when
1] The message was incorrectly formed or
2] Did not contain the appropriate information.

Is this related to soap:Body, soap:Header or to both?


I given SCJP, SCWCD under prometric ID. I have purchased OCEJWS exam voucher by registering it at Pearson ID.

How to merge Prometric ID and Person VUE ID?

Any contact email to send the request for?

I think it is given in RMH book in the following lines.

<xsd:element name="MyArray2" type="tns:MyArray2Type"/>
<xsd:complexType name="MyArray2Type"
xmlns:wsdl="" >
<xsd:restriction base="soapenc:Array">
<xsd:element name="x" type="xsd:string"
minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>
<xsd:attribute ref="soapenc:arrayType"

Items marked in bold are non-conformance to above claims.