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Kishori More

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since Jan 01, 2001
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Recent posts by Kishori More

I cleared SCJP2 with 91% on 26-Dec-2K.
I am an Electronics Engineer. I Spend first
3 years of my carrier in Electx Industry.
For last 3 & half year I am working with
IT Training industry.
3 months before I was not knowing even ABC
of Java. Actually I was much interested in
VB & Oracle. In fact I was preparing for
MCSD. But as from most of the ADs I found,
now I must start with Java, I decided to
prepare for SCJP2. And cleared it.

I am not a regular visitor of this site.
I used to enjoy the Rules Roundup Game.
Also solved the assignments when I started
with Java. It's really a good place to have
such a place to register your success.
When I read @ Ye Zang scored 100%, I decided
the same as my target. But..........could not.
The things I want to share with all my friends
1) On some of the sites I read the information,
that the Exam is of 90 minutes. I was under the
same impression till I actually started with real
exam. It's wrong. Exam is of 120 minutes.

2) Second important thing is about the mistakes
which I did.
Out of 59 questions , I solved all questions
within 90 minutes. At this time I marked the
questions about which I was in doubt. In last 30
minutes I revisited & checked all those questions.
In fact within 30 minutes I checked each & every
question with comfort.
At the end I had 5 questions about which I was
not sure. Out of these 5 questions, for 3 questions
it was mentioned SELECT 2 ANSWERS. And I was sure
about a single answer to be correct! For each of
these 3 questions - no other answer was correct.
But the summary sheet at the end was showing these
3 as incomplete questions.
I prayed the GOD & selected 2nd answer for each of
these 3 questions. And I finished the Exam.
I was unlucky to get such questions.
Mr. Marcus Green has mentioned in one of his mock
exams," If u r really sure , no answer is correct,
Don't mark any answer . U will get the marks."
I did the mistake, I want to warn my friends ,
stick to what u know.
3) I got 10 questions, with code of 28-30 lines.
Skipping blank lines , curly brackets etc also
the code would have been 22-25 lines.
Besides this around 25 questions with code of
about 4-6 lines.
But time is no problem as I mentioned earlier.
4) GUI is very simple & clear.
5) One should read very carefully the instructions
given on the screen before the time starts.
I have entered in 2001 with SCJP2.
Now I am searching a Job as a Programmer.

My email address is
Can anyone please guide me for Developer's Exam.
For SCJP2 lot of support is available. But this
is not the case for Developer's Exam.
I think my letter is becoming very lengthy.
I must stop.

Wish U all Best of Luck!
Happy New Year!
Kishori K. More

21 years ago