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Recent posts by Chris Hani

If you are specifically interesting in combing those two,
I also think you make science as designate major and computer science minor or further study.

By the way, do you understand what you want to do is at least 10 years of further study?
11 years ago
I have been a java(J2EE) developer for 3 years. Before I was JAVA SWING developer. Between them, I studied MS in computer science.

What I experienced as an J2EE developer is that I constantly chaning the framework & application server. During 3 years of experience, I used WebLogic for 2 years, Websphere for 1 year and a few month back I was moving to a reporting server. I am not sure if it is good way to develop my carrer.

Some people thought experiencing various skills would be good.
However, I always feel that the deep knowledge would be better than broad knowledge. While the repoting domain has certain benefit as a general skillset(such as SQL query tunning & DB knowledge boost as developer), I am enjoying this situation so far.

However, is it worth to do like 5 years??
If I would do this for 5 years, does it mean I changed my carrer to reporting domain?? Because that is not what I want.
11 years ago

I am frustrated here.

Recently, I switched my staffing compay that holds my H1.
H1 transfer is on-going and I am expecting the last pay check from the previous company.

They usually send electronical pay stub by Wednsday but I haven't got yet.
I also send e-mail about this to the previous company but haven't got any response.

I was paid bi-weekly so this Friday would by my pay day.
It is quite good amount of money and ,more importantly, I need the check so that I could live.

Now my freins told me it is absolutely illegal so I can simply report this incident to the states website where the previous company is located.

Well, I know it is illegal but I am afraid if I would get any damage over reporting this issue officially.
The company is staffing compay so I cannot really imagine when/how they did something bad for me or my career or my visa.

Have you guys experienced such situation?
Is it common among staffing companies?
Shall I go ahead and report this company to the state?


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13 years ago
We use 25 threads in production mode and when I see the weblogic application log file, I see large number with thread ID.

After starting weblogic, the thread id increased asyncDelivery2, asyncDelivery19, asyncDelivery32, asyncDelivery46, asyncDelivery60 .....

The actual log message is like following.
####<Jun 18, 2007 12:29:24 AM EDT> <Info> <Default> <aaaa> <apps> <asyncDelivery806> <<anonymous>> <> <000000> <<PRN=SYSTEST-CR6-01><MSGTYPE=PQI><MSGCODE=PQI001I>Execution Time: 0.518>

Does anybody know why??
13 years ago
We use weblogic 8.1 SP5 and IBM MQ6 as a JMS queue.

The actual error message is following.

####<Jun 18, 2007 12:29:34 AM EDT> <Info> <EJB> <XXX-XXXXXX> <cgServer> <ExecuteThread: '4' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.System'> <<anonymous>> <> <BEA-010060> <The Message-Driven EJB: N-MMGR has reconnected to the JMS destination: N-QUEUE.>

Our weblogic server print this error message everytime when the server is idle. And also our applicaition is idle even if there are 1,000 messages in the MQ waiting for arriving messages.

My doubt is each thread try to reconnect MQ every 3 seconds and it takes time to reconnect queue.

Does anybody experience similar problem?
I will attach the part of our configuration file.

<JMSServer Name="WSStoreForwardInternalJMSServercgServer"
Store="FileStore" Targets="cgServer">
<JMSQueue CreationTime="1178746875702"
JNDINameReplicated="false" Name="WSInternaljms.internal.queue.WSStoreForwardQueuecgServer"/>
<JMSQueue CreationTime="1178746875968"
JNDINameReplicated="false" Name="WSInternaljms.internal.queue.WSDupsEliminationHistoryQueuecgServer"/>
<StartupClass Arguments="QManager=BMDBDS01QMD0,QMPort=1412,JNDIConnName=N-CONN-FACTORY,JNDIQueueName=N-QUEUE,Queue=BMW.S.WNP.MPE.MPEOUT,JNDIQManager=QM"
DeploymentOrder="1000" FailureIsFatal="true"
LoadBeforeAppActivation="true" LoadBeforeAppDeployments="true"
Name="N-MMGR" Targets="cgServer"/>
13 years ago
That is my fear too.

Unlike I have thought throughout my early career, an architect is not the architect should be in reality.

I imagined the roles of an architect is to design product, giving technical solution to the tech team(not business team) etc.

However, it seems that the main role of architect is to soothing project managers and business team managers saying it is going to end on time.

The whole lot of meeting is all about that.

Now I start to think that I may want to be a Sr. developer for whole my career. But then, some people(I would say most people) didn't recognize between high quality and intermediate(or even entry level) quality developers. Even if they realize there are huge difference, they simply don't care because they don't want to quality applications but something running with any kinds of disturbing ways. In this reality, my job market is really narrow down if I made that good Sr. developer.

Either I am paid like intermediate developers or I am unemployeed ^^;
13 years ago
Thanks for the reply..

the problem was I didn't apply for a specific position. I knew him from the past, probably 6 months ago and I contacted with him saying I want to change my company.

I mean if he didn't want me to work with his company, he might not response my first contact e-mail at all. The response time from the first contact was impressively short.

Although w2 employee and green card holder are two completely different things, I think they are somehow related in the real life. Sad thing..
13 years ago
Hi all,

I am currently working in US with H1 visa.

I posted a topic here several weeks ago about changing staffing company(^^).
My current staffing company has lack of resource so I always get a project through another staffing compay(primary vendor). And I think it ends up with poor salary for me.

I found several staffing company that looks good.
They are wide spread to whole USA and open rate to consultant. I like that.
So I contacted one of companies. The recruitor of the company actually knew me since I had got an interview throuth the company in the past. When I sent an e-mail to him saying I want to change my company he replied immediatedly. Obviously, the recruitor still remember me and he wants to work with me. What he replied is he might help me if I am available with W2 employee or he can still work with my staffing company.

So I sent back the e-mail again saying I can be w2 employee to his company if I transfer my H1. And then the communication stopped.

I am confusing now. I thought w2 employee means just directly hired to his company. Now I start thinking that it means if I am the green card holder. Am I wrong?

Do you guys think that the large staffing company that has a lot of openning in and national wide office in USA don't want to H1 visa holder? Do they work with H1 visa holder?

If so I would like to prepare my recent resume and try to contact again with another company mentioning I need to transfer H1 visa. Is this approch all right?

I will thank for your opinion or experience.
13 years ago
Yes, I am in US with H1 visa.

In my experience, if you worked with good boss they would let you know when is the last day of the company. But most of them wouldn't do that. They worried that people like me might harm for their company.

And I cannot believe there are no such thing like minimum # of paid vacations in US. Insisting civil right would be funny here. hmm.

I haven't made my decision if I will work with staffing company after March.

I might pursue some permenent job. But I don't have green care yet, not even started...
13 years ago
I am working with a consulting firm which recently became evil.

First of all, they try not to increase my salery.
My current salary is the lowest when I search
So obviously I want a raise and they don't agree.

They started to cut down the # of paid vacations and also don't want to pay for bench time any more.
I mean, is it even leagal? Well I questioned about it and they actually told me that it is leagal. They said they had consulted with the company lawyer. I strongly doubt about it.

Also they want me to stay with current project if the project itself will be extended. They told me they will punish(giving me a lot of fine) me if I refuse to stay. I will absolutely stay with current project till the end of contract. But if the contract is finished and extended, should it be my choice to decide if I stay the project or not?

For this matter, I was really offended and their answer was it is kind of industry standard. I just don't get it.

Anyway, my current project is ending March and for my next project I would like to change my company. I know a lot of companies are worse than mine so it scares me. I can change the consulting firm but how can I sure I choose the right company???

I know some staffing firms actually provide the hour rate to the consultant. I really like that system. I want to work with those firms but I don't have resource.

So, how do you find the staffinf firms?
Are you currently satisfied with your company?(I know it is tough question)
I want to find a good one like everybody else so that I can start to process GC with the company.

I want to contact to some of local company that has a lot of posting at
But I was told that a lot of job posting at do not exist at all. They just keep posting so that they can collect resources like me. Have you ever heard about this?
[ December 22, 2006: Message edited by: Chris Hani ]
13 years ago

Your second code is exactly same as the current server does.
It is working fine because the timer is set longer that the database update thread's execution time. I think I understand that design.

What I did was I completely change the design.
I didn't use the Timer at all. Instead I use infinite loop.

My question is
1. Above two what is the popular( or more likely correct in the point of design) approach to desing multi thread server program in the real world?
I have been a new project for a month.

I have seen a little server program that is designed to multi thread but using timer to repeat jobs. The server basically looking for some records that a flag has been set as 1 and creat one thread per record. Inside the thread, it will modify the flag setting as 0, fetch another record from another table, create a brand new record and so on.

Rough structure of this program is

In my understanding class A is scheduled to be executed every 5000 milisecond. First and foremost, am I right?

I think it is NOT a good design.
I have seen that the main program rescheduled and start to execute before a thread finished. The problem is the most recent rescheduled task interfere the work from thread. The rescheduled task try to fetch same record that is already under work for a thread.

So I modified like this

At first remove class A
Design class B as following

My brand new server didn't accept from the tech leader since the previous one is already running for 3 years.

I think the issue here is I use infinity loop for main program and current server is using Timer for it.

What you guys think? Do you have any valuable link for this?

[ December 12, 2006: Message edited by: Chris Hani ]

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[ December 12, 2006: Message edited by: Henry Wong ]
Thank you guys..

I have been working for a year in this company.
The work itself is not that chanllenging most time besides the team atmosphere is strange for me..

But my attitude is that I want to do my best and work hard in any kinds of environment. To do so, I can learn things whatever it is technical or just domain knowldege.

Yesterday I talked with my supervisor and he let me in the design spec meeting that had held already for couple of days.. I didn't know...

I hope it will work
13 years ago
It has been so long to visit job discussion forum but I need you guy's advice.

Here is my situation.
I am a contractor with H1. My salary is reasonable and it will go up on Oct. again. I am living with my family and my husband are still working on PhD. He plan to graduate Spring 2007 and will start to find a job world-wide sometimes soon.

My contract was renewed twice in the company I am working now.
So the position is quite stable. I expect it to be renewed on Jan. 2007. I am quite positvie about that. I really would like stay this company till my husband get a job so that I can follow him without any career disconnection.

What is wrong with it?
I don't have things to work in the company.

Till June, I did work on something. I would say the work load was moderate. And then my former manager left the company.
The team itself has too many requirements to handle it.
So my manager try to cut the user's requirement.
And then all the development jobs went to some other developers.
I am currently assigned to some project which doesn't have any work for me till end of year.

So you see, I haven't work for 3 months and pretty sure it will last for 3 more month. I am working on some certification and my personal project during work but I am sick of it.

My dilemma is

Shall I change the company or stay it?

If I change my company, it is quite possible to live seperatedly with my husband and kids. It would be definitely painfull not only we would be apart but also it cause money problem(for two different apartment etc.) or kids have to live one of their parents. They are too young to understand it.
After all, we are not seperated or divorced or something like this.

But if I stay here, I am worried about my skill be out-dated. It is OK to work on some certification or even open source project but I am not really entry level developer. You know it is different between working on some project and just sitting on the desk and learing.

So please give me advice and your thougt. I have been thought for 3 months about it and still doesn't get any decision.

My contract ends on Dec.

13 years ago
This is your choice and your decision.

The bad things do happen in this world like $30,000/yr without health insurance.
But some good things also happen like $60,000/yr salary with good health insurance(deductable $500 plus even dental) and proper training.

Sometimes alien programmers become illegal while others get a green card.

I agree these kinds of firms suck consultant's blood, though.
But as time passes, you can reduce the "blood" and if you can clear your visa status like getting a green card, you can dominate over others.

So go search, get the offer and make it official(something with letters)
Try to reduce the risk and be prepare well technically.
You can make your own decision and only God knows what is on the way of your life.
14 years ago