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Good idea, thanks. I'll try sending an e-mail to the vmware address.

Because no one answers me when I email the springsource address...
6 years ago

I got a voucher for the Spring Core certification some time ago, but unfortunately I could not do the exam and after one year it expired.

Does anyone know what can be done to get another voucher, preferably without taking/paying for the classes again?
6 years ago
I didn't want to resurrect the thread so I'm adding a new post.
If you liked that game, then you'll probably like
10 years ago
I'm afraid your e-mail address is wrong.
Shouldn't it be
10 years ago
How far have you guys gone in the 100 challenge?

I couldn't pass level 72 in the previous version, and even with the current version's tweaks I can't get past level 80 and something... I wonder if it's really possible to finish the whole challenge.
11 years ago

Originally posted by John Meyers:
Just played that. Fun indeedo. I wonder how people get scores of 9800+. Cheating somehow or are they making donations ?

I think they decompile the Flash component. I saw a link to a tutorial in their forum...
11 years ago

I got everything wrong.
I thought Prototype and Scriptaculous were discussed in Ajax in Practice, but there's actually a book just for them...

I've recently purchased Ajax in Action and I really liked it.

How does Ajax in Practice differ from Ajax in Action?
From what I read in, the book's focus is on Prototype and Scriptaculous... And some design patterns, best practices and flow control using these libraries. Am I right?
PS: By "astral map", I mean "birth chart"...
11 years ago
I agree with Fred Rosenberger...

I have plotted several astral maps for my mother... She believes in these things piously and actually received training in astral maps (but since she didn't know how to operate the programs, I had to do it for her). And I have to confess that the first time I saw the astral map built with my stats, I was really amazed at the map's description because it matched my personality perfectly.

But since I'm skeptic, I wasn't satisfied with the "fact" that the position os stars and planets affected my birth. After a lot of time thinking about it and plotting astral maps, I came to the same conclusion: any astral map describes any person. It describes anybody's personality.

To reach this conclusion, I started changing my own stats... First it was the time I was born: 4:15. Every doctor rounds the number up or down before recording it in the birth certificate, so I changed it to 4:13 and... surprise! A significant portion of the astral map changed! But it still kept describing my characteristics very well. Then I did the same thing to my friends' astral maps... Instead of entering their stats, I'd use pre-loaded stats that came with the program, like Napoleon Bonaparte or Elvis Presley, without telling them, and they still would be amazed at the "magical" thing, that seemed to know everything about them (eventually I'd tell them I'd used them as guinea pigs for my experiments and would plot their "real" maps).

It's not easy for someone to understand how astral maps *really* work. But once you accept the explanation I provided, you'll see that other "mystical" things work in the exact same way... I've seen other forms of "profiling" people through mystical ways that put people in the same "categories", by saying, for example that "you have dreams, you have ambitions, you want to improve your life", a common trait shared by every single human being on planet Earth.
11 years ago
1st place: Half-life 2!

2nd place: Splinter Cell
3rd place: Quake 3
4th place: Fallout 2
12 years ago
Alright, Sheriff... You're absolutely right. It doesn't hurt to be nice to other people.
I just got really angry after reading certain posts and I apologize for my rude behavior.

PS: I'm going to repeat the not-so-rude part of my first post here:

(...) most people haven't read much about the evolution theory.
There's a lot more to learn than just what we are taught at school.

12 years ago
I stick to my opinion.

This subjective point of view of religious people affects everybody else's lives.
Max, as an atheist, you probably have felt the prejudice from a lot of people. I live in a country (Brazil) where 99.95% of people believe in God, and I do feel their pressure and their prejudice!
My whole family is catholic, almost all of my friends are catholic or evangelic... And they frown at my beliefs (and at what I don't believe) and treat me in a different way when they find out that I am an atheist. Sometimes I think the prejudice I get is worse than having a serious disease or homophobia. It really affects my life!

Originally posted by Max Habibi:

I dislike the mocking of people's religious beliefs: I think it's in bad taste, and I think it's unkind. While I'm always willing to discuss the ideas of this or that religion as academic point of debate, it's important to remember that this is the main focal point of life for many people, very much in the same way that love and family are other subjective focal points of life. I would no more mock someone religion that I would mock the love they have for their family.

Theory of evolution is a subject I truly love and I'm often ridiculized by "believing" in it.

Originally posted by Gregg Bolinger:

The problem is with the extreme measures of evolution such as man coming from apes or a single celled organizm. Whales growing feet and walking upright out of the water onto the sand. You laugh, but there are people that belive this.

All I'm trying to do is fight back and express myself... I like to think that by being sincere, no matter how harsh my words are, I am encouraging people to use their heads and consider the existence of God, therefore helping them (sometimes being hard and unkind is the best way to draw attention ).

They ("believers") do have the right to express themselves, but so do I! I think teaching creationism at schools is dangerous. I think that things like the Monkey Trial are absurds. We should ponder about what we are taught (at home and at school) without restrictions or tabboos. By doing so, we can achieve progress, we can grow as individuals, we can improve our society. We can improve our lives and the lives of those we love.

Getting back to the topic now:
I think that everyone that believes in God, but denies some specific chapter of the holy scriptures in order to believe in the theory of evolution, falls into contradiction. I think that anyone who tries that, is actually trying to build a customized version of a certain religion for themselves, and to me that's weird, because the Bible is the only thing that transmitted these teachings through thousands of years, unchanged, unchallenged, from the people who wrote it, to them.

Some examples of fine reading can be found here:

Richard Dawkins
Stephen Gould

PS.1: I think that genetic algorithms are a nice way for us geeks to learn more about the theory of evolution.

PS.2: I tried to be more "sensitive" with this post, so it wouldn't be deleted.
12 years ago
Metallica and Ramones
13 years ago