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Hi Sredevi/Bhaskar,

Sun is planning to take off the old exam (I think towards the end of this year - not sure) and replace with the new exam. So, you should still be able to continue and finish off the rest of the exams within that time frame.

Now, your question - whether to stop working on SCEA-4 after doing the part-1 or not !!!

This simply relies on your objective of WHY you need to do the SCEA exam. Is it something to show in your resume that you are sun certified architect with the latest version? Then stop working on 4 and move on to 5. But if I were you, then I would try to finish off the older one which I have already started and do the upgrade. The knowledge that you acquire from the exams/assignments can then be applied to the work that you are doing, and gradually you become a "fully qualified" Architect- both theoritically and practically. Also, bear in mind that many industries are still in the process of switching over to the newer versions, which can still take a few years from now. So you might be still working on the older versions.

Being said that, please check whether you can still purchase a voucher for the other two parts of the exam !!


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Hi Rahul,

I also read in this forum a few weeks back that Sun is planning to take off the old SCEA exam towards the end of this year. If so, then you will have to make sure that you take the other two exams when the vouchers are still valid.

Thanx guys for all the feedback. Actually I have got my permanent residence status in Australia. So I don't really have any visa/work permit problem. What I would like to know is :-

1. What is an avg salary for a person with 7 yrs exp in java, looking for a position as an Architect/Team Leader/Senior Developer etc..

2. What are the cities that I should look for, what abt Melbourne ?

3. Cost of living(with family) ?

4. Approx what % of salary is taxed ?

Ajay, are you currently working in Australia ???
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17 years ago
Any information regarding j2ee jobs in Sydney, Australia ??
17 years ago

To make a session bean as a web service, we can use the @WebService anotation. But how do we invoke a web service from a session bean using anotations ???. ie, the web service client is a session bean !!!

Hi James,

I used JAAS in my assignment. All I did was just mentioned in my document how authentication and authorization will be handled. You don't really have to go to the actual implementation details.


Originally posted by Srikanth Bala:

Can I take up SCEA directly. Is there any time limit between 3 exams (SCEA) ?.

Yes you can. And there's no time limit. But once you purchase a voucher, it "may" have an expiry date.

Cade's is the best book available for SCEA. Along with it, there are lot of other resources available online. check yahoo groups also.