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Reza Rawassizadeh wrote:Thank you for your help Now I get another mail regarding to his morning mail I prefer to put them here:

1) Morning mail that make me mad:
Hi Reza,
I think this is sufficient for investigating the oracle high load problem !
thanks & regards
2) NOW that make me very happy:
we now have those oracle load problems on test11, can you please also make analysis of the oracle situation, I will do too - and we can clarify what we found in an hour or so, is this ok for you ?

I think it is much better to don't judge immediatly.
[ July 24, 2008: Message edited by: Reza Rawassizadeh ]

10 years ago
There are some dirty way to handle your signle sign on solution and some clean way to handle it. Cleanest way is to use single sign on tools.
but as dirty way you can use same persistence(Database/file) mapping for Authentication, or using web service on each part to assist Web Apps interact with each other.
14 years ago
Don't go for SCJWSD because it is outdated now, for example it contains JAX-RPC and not JAX-WS. I think it is waste of your time and money now.
Wait for new version of SCJWSD
First chapters of this book:
Service-Oriented Architecture: A Field Guide to Integrating XML and Web Services (The Prentice Hall Service-Oriented Computing Series from Thomas Erl)
14 years ago <--- forum part
What do you mean with keeping alive ?
14 years ago
Imagine you implement this process in 10 different package and each package have 100 classes.

Can you make one Java class Web Service ? Of course you can it is very simple.
so make one class and this class can calls that complex methods in different packages, then make Web service from this class.

If you don't understand what I explained read about Facade Pattern, that Service class is Facade class
14 years ago
It is rather simple, you can write Java code which reads all file in specific directory periodically and holds their names,afterward when new file have been added it can compare new files list to older list and find which one is new.

Oracle BPEL engine has this feature.

You can do all of them with Java then make facade class to use this business and as last step make this facade class Web Service
14 years ago
learn JAX-WS
It is all you need
15 years ago

Do I need any other tests or hands-on project to get OCP 10g DBA?

No you don't need, only passing that two tests are enough.

It is a good certificate.
Thank you for the link, I lost RMHF's Blog now I will add it to my feed reader.
I had experience with both JAX-RPC and JAX-WS, I would say JAX-WS is 10 time better than JAX-RPC.
I don't see any logical reason for this latency and inconsistency, I hope they solve it soon.

Being certified now is not used in fashion show like two years ago.(my personal feeling)
It is more than 6 months that JAX-WS has been issued and JAX-RPC is deprecated now, why SUN doesn't update SCDJWS certificate?
Mike I'm reading your book for tutorial.

you do not need to put the classes in a jar when you use JPA in Java SE.

I know, you interpret it wrong. My problem is JAR file I don't like to create JAR file every time for running my application(when I'm in development phase)
Maybe for make it clear I explain more:
I use toplink libraries which are in new Sun App. Server for my JPA implementation.