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Recent posts by Shantanu Puranik

Hi Chris,

Yes, it would be a good learning exercise to know Liferay.
As it's about portal & portlets the usage is limited but, Liferay is one of the leader in this space and there exists Liferay forum. Spending time there would be a good start.
Knowing JSR-286 the portlet specification would help in general.
There are Liferay specific topics to know about but would help only if they are part of your project.
e.g. Alloy UI, hooks and ext. plugins. Also check out their out box portlets like document and media library.
You can download the community edition and start playing with it.
11 years ago
Finally, got some resource that works.
12 years ago
I'm facing the same situation.
If anybody has running example or other resource for tomcat 6.x, please share.
12 years ago
Just figured out with help of tomcat help resource
Scroll down the page to section Adding Custom Resource Factories

1. Implement interface javax.naming.spi.ObjectFactory

2. create file as shown in the above post (consider specifying additional properties as required by your app.)

3. In web.xml add resource ref
4. create context.xml in the project structure at location /webapps/META-INF.
When deployed tomcat will automatically create <myWebApp>.xml in dir. \tomcat\conf\Catalina\localhost and the contents of context.xml will be copied into it.
Finally, perform lookup as
12 years ago

I'm working on project that involves porting legacy app. from old version of JBoss and java to tomcat 6.x and jdk 1.6.
Quartz 1.6 is configured as JNDI resource using mbean in old app.
For new app. Quartz version remains the same.

What I 've done till now:
1. Created file and placed under /webapps/myWebApp/WEB-INF/classes

2. Added following entry in web.xml

I get an exception saying, javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Name myWebAppQuartz is not bound in this Context
It means that quartz instance isn't registered with JNDI.
I want to know how to configure Quartz scheduler in tomcat 6 using JNDI.
Thank you.
12 years ago
During portlet development, hot deployment fails many times, on my machine too.
I simply delete the context folder (should be 'Birthday-portlet-' or similar in your case) under webapps dir. and then redeploy. This works normally.
If getting error, stop tomcat and then delete the context folder.
Then, Copy war to deploy dir. and start tomcat OR first, start tomcat and then do hot deployment.
Hope this helps.
12 years ago
Hello Rich,
I've recently started working on Vaadin(6.6.4) based portlets on Liferay (6.0.6) using Tomcat.
Does your new book includes contents realted to Vaadin based portlets?

As of now I'm facing trouble in accessing Liferay User object for logged-in user.
My application class implements PortletRequestListener and PortletListener interfaces.
Corresponding methods implemented has following code:

This code is not working at my end.
Any clue on this?
12 years ago
Hi Shiva,

Henry and Deepak are right. Highlighting is not hiding.
You will be asked about the gap. Tell the truth and that you don't regret the past as it was need of the hour.
Tell about your learnings during that period and skills that you mastered while in business.
Explain in brief how those qualities will help to perform the job that you will be offered.
Interviewer is interested in knowing what you have and not what you don't have.

Me too, was involved in family run business, prior to taking job in IT industry.
People are always amazed, looking at my profile but, at the same time, they do appreciate.
Keep your mood right. Your story won't be any different.


13 years ago
Hi Shiva,

You already have experience in IT industry which gives you chance to get back to job.

Brush your existing skills and acquire knowledge about technologies that are currently in demand. (e.g. Spring / Hibernate)
May be, you will face difficulties in first few interviews. Take it as practice.
Highlight your experience and not the gap.
If asked about the gap, then and only then give the reasons that are genuine.

I made it with 0 years of experience and a gap of 6.5 years after graduation.
You have 3+ years of experience and gap of just 3 years.
Start early and have patience.

Best of luck.

13 years ago
Hello all,
I have four years of experience on Java/J2EE with SCWCD 1.4.
For past 2 years working with software arm of European engineering giant.
My company is situated at Pune, India.

Recently, I've been asked to join a team working on .net platform.
The reason given by manager is, there are no projects currently and in near future that will
require Java/J2EE skills.
Company is providing us 3 days training on
We will be working on some product for next 6-8 months minimum.
My boss says even this development is a stop gap arrangement till we get any project from client.

With in company I've no choice left but to work on .net platform.
The other option will be to look out for job change to stay on Java/J2EE platform.
I 've ruled out this option. Thanks to current market situation.
I've decided to take this change positively and acquire knowldge of .net platform.

Please share your opinion on how this decision might affect career in future.

Thank you.
15 years ago
I�ve Tomcat 6 running with jdk1.6 using Spring 2.5 & Eclipse 3.4 IDE

applicationContext.xml contains

The problem is when applicationContext.xml is loaded, following error is generarted

It tries to search file inside <tomcathome>/config/log4j.xml
Whereas what needed is locating file at <context root>/config/log4j.xml

Definitely, it�s one some setting which needs to be altered.
But how & where is my question.

I have single web application running in tomcat 5.0.
While generating some report, application is running out of memory.
hence throws exception
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
I know, this can be solved by increasing JVM memory allocation.
But at first place, I want to avoid the exception being seen by the user.
Hence I, tried out web.xml enrty for the outOfmemory error, still it shows the exception on the screen.

Am I missing any thing?
16 years ago
Hi Sudip,

It may take 45-60 days.
I received my SCWCD certificate after 55 days.
Check the status of the delivery
It also depends on the agency (postal/ courier)

You can also approach sun by email : who2contact AT
and to Prometric by : SunCert AT
[ April 21, 2008: Message edited by: shantanu puranik ]