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Recent posts by peter wooster

Personnaly, I'd ask the ex-manager for a contract to assist the now outsourced team. Get to know them, fly to India, meet them and do all I could to help them succeed. Of course I'd try to negotiate a fee that was about double my previous salaried amount and I'd include "outsourcing consultant" on my resume afterwards, the opportunities are boundless.
18 years ago
any Subaru owner (present/past) here? could you tell what is special about it?

today when i walked to building from parking lot, i saw 6~7 subaru on a stretch, how could people like subaru this much? my ex girlfriend also drove a subaru before.

i am biased against subaru since the beginning.

I don't own one, but my brother did and his son crashed it on an expressway and was able to walk away from the accident. They do most of the good stuff that sputes do without all the bad stuff. No tendency to roll over, not big guzzlers, no bad attitude on the driver's part. They were one of the few companies that continued to build station wagons at a time when those were very uncool, now the sputes are starting to morph into reborn wagons.
18 years ago
My votes go to:

Civilization III - a huge waste of time, but I did get to nuke the enemy once, lost that game but it was fun

Riven - by far the best of the original 3 Myst series games

Populous - the original on the Amiga
18 years ago

Originally posted by Sonny Gill:
Incidently, I spotted atleast one spelling mistake on the 'Products' page - 'bare' instead of 'bear'.

There's also at least one typo in their post.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Paul Bourdeaux:
1 gallon = 3.78 litre
so the price is 3.78 x 1.35 = $ 5.1 c/gallon = $4.31 US / gallon

Ah! OK, never mind. I am happy with my $3.19 per gallon down here!

Yup, it's per litre, only the USofA uses the 3.78 litre gallon as a measure. there may be some places that still use the Imperial gallon, which is a bit bigger than 4 litres.
18 years ago
These high prices are starting to change peoples driving habits. The price in Toronto went from $.95 Canadian to $1.25 because of Katrina and then jumped to $1.35 because of the approaching long weekend last Thursday. One of my neighbours who drives a GMC Yukon decided to cancel a trip to Montreal, and hasn't driven the truck at all since then, he's driving his little Hyundai instead. Another neighbour who drives a small Mazda SUV has only put $25 in gas in it since then. We've not filled either of our 2 Camrys either, but we did take a driving trip on the weekend and I'll have to fill one of them soon.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Roger Johnson:
So I just bought my new Miata, but I still feel I want to buy another car. I know it will be a couple of years later. But it never hurts to plan ahead, even far ahead.

I think I like SUV, because:

You must be joking, I'd take two Miatae over one SUV of any type anytime. These vehicles are gross polluters and consumers of resources, they show that their owners have little concern for the needs of others. I just hope that Katrina blows a few more of them off the roads and out of my way.

Where I live, they are mostly driven by the same sort of over the hill, 60 something, Buick drivers that used to drive the two ton land yachts. In '74 those got the boot. The best way to qualify for an SUV is to have your last child move out of the house, so your wife doesn't have to drive her to soccer anymore.

As one cartoon showing two cars said "While Europe got Smart, America got Dumb and Hummer".
18 years ago

Originally posted by Jesper de Jong:
You've asked this question on at least 4 different Java forums on Internet. I've already posted my answer on 2 of them.

It appears that the Sun forum admins just deleted Richard's thread on this topic there after his being flamed by the regulars for cross-posting.

Note to the Bartenders:
This person's name is Richard West, but I suspect that using the name West Richard is a violation of the naming policy.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Shawn DeSarkar:
Id like to think that I have some soft skills. But to what degree should a programmer / developer have soft skills ?

Soft skills are the most important skills, every person who wants to advance in business needs them. They are not the same as outright dishonesty, although most con artists and psychopaths do have very good soft skills. If you know logic you will know that just because A implies B, there is no proof that B implies A.

Mark's suggestion of joining ToastMasters is an excellent one. My wife was a member for a couple of years and she learned a lot. They make you actually get up in front of a group and present something.
18 years ago

Originally posted by ab parashar:
Thanks for the tip, Peter.Will get my hands on this book.
Apreciate your time.

You're welcome. The best part about the GTY techniques is that if the person you are negotiating with recognizes that you are using them, it tends to improve the negotiation. here's the Amazon listing for it
[ August 09, 2005: Message edited by: peter wooster ]
18 years ago

Originally posted by ab parashar:
Presentation skills and soft skills do go a long way....agreed...but while slogging 50-60 hrs trying to keep my job ,and keeping up a home where do I pick them up from....

Reading can help, as can courses. Most companies will pay for work realated courses, I'd start with presentation skills and negotiation skills. These two cover much of the territory. If you can't get a course, buy a copy of "Getting to Yes" and practice the techniques described there on your manager. You will find it very useful.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Shawn DeSarkar:
In all my exsperience, it is the best talkers that get the most reward. The guy who does screenshots of my application get $10K more than me.

The big money always goes to those who present themselves well. This means you need to concentrate on those soft skills as well as the technical. Also the soft skills don't end up obsolete in 5 years.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Leonardo Crespo:
Greetings everyone.

I've being working on IT since 96, programming with Coldfusion, PHP, Java and Flash MX. I just passed SCJP5 and i'm wondering what to study next....

In your opinion, what is the most prestigious Java Certification one can get? I am assuming it is SCEA, but maybe there is another TOP certification from BEA, IBM etc.

Thank you for your comments.

Leonardo Crespo.

If you just finished the SCJP you should do the SCJD next. It's a real project and you will learn a lot. It is also one of the most prestigious, since you can't just memorize stuff to get it.
18 years ago

Please read your PM.

18 years ago

Originally posted by Mark Herschberg:

Shawn, comments like these are inciteful and wildly inappropriate. If you can provide some evidence that this is true, perhaps a research study, a news report, or even a recognized source, heck, even a not so recognized source on the internet (e.g. someone's blog), then feel free to make a case. But just making wild general accusations without any support detracts from the quality of this site.


Those comments do not match with my Canadian experience. In Toronto there is very little difference in the wages paid to people based on race or origin. There is a difference if their experience is foreign rather than Canadian, but that applies to the Scots and the Irish as much as it does to the Indians and the Chinese. Actually both Indian and Chinese programmers are very highly respected.
18 years ago