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hi giri,
where in india i can get hardcopy of redbook and " Websphere certification study guide: Developing j2ee applications with IBM websphere studio IBM certified enterprise developer by : Howard kushner " and " Ejb 2.0 Development with websphere studio Application developer Part 1: ejb Architecture and concepts "

Thanks a lot for your reply I think i have got a right place to sort out my all doubts about the exam
hi folks
where do i get the websphere and useful books
HOw much time will it take to prepare as i have no experienc with webspher
HI folks
i am interesting in IBM 287 exam
what books shall i refere and where do i get the websphere software.
HOw much time will it take to study for the exam as i have no previous experience in websphere
where do i get the IBM press publication book for websphere in INDIA
yep they do check the center , they have certain guidlines which the prometric centers folow otherwise they change the center.
whats wrong about centers ? feel free , they are mostly good one ,but if you have faced any difficulties then do make complaint against them.
hi angeela
i am totally agree with silpi , its only to cofuse , + + or even hundred + means the same one + . Here first + for addition and second + for sign notation


public class TestClass
public static void main (String args[ ] )
int k = 1;
int i = ++k + k++ + + k ;
System.out.print(i+ " "+ k) ;
++k = 1 + 1 =2
k++ = 2+1=3
+k = +3

i = ++k(2) + k++(2) + +k(3);
i = 2 + 2 + 3 = 7

The solution might be confusing.If is there any mistake then please tell me . cia