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In my research regarding struts2 I was lead to believe that struts2 did most of its work through implmenting interfaces (like springMVC) and not through extends. However when I look through examples on the web, all I see is, extends, extends, extends.

So whats the real story? Was my original research incorrect? Is struts2 still dependant on extending superclasses in order to get it's work done?

Please advise?
14 years ago
So i'm going to start the certification process for java 1.5 (I already have the SCJP 1.4 cert) and i'm wondering, because i'm taking the upgrade exam do I have to study differently then if I was studying for the regular exam? When I took my 1.4 I used Kathy and Berts book (We all the one ) So I thought I would use the updated version for 1.5. But that book is for 310-055 and my upgrade exam is 310-056.

Will that book cover my exam? Any specail considerations I need to take into account?
Parhaps you need help with your studying skills. Have you researched effective reading techniques? Like active reading? Do you take notes of what your reading?

The exams demands that have an exceptional understanding of the concepts... you almost have to commit everything to memeory.

I hope that helps.

I'm trying to model my web app I�m creating and I can't figure out how to map the controllers to the model.

Ok so if I have a OrderManager class that can "process and order", "edit the quantity of the order", or "cancel an order"

Do I create 3 controller classes that launch the three different methods?

or do I create one controller that somehow decides which task I want it to do, which then launches the specific object.method()??

Any help would be appreciated.
Don't be afraid of buying this book, "because I don't want to take the exam". This book covers everything you need to know about jsp/servlets/tomcat It just so happens that you could pass the exam using the book.
15 years ago
If your looking on a book that will give you a solid foundation on the servlet/jsp technology THAT is the book for you.

I used that book to pass my exam.

The only reason why you might not like it, is if you like the head first style. Its very unique. I love it, but I could see why some people wouldn't.

I enjoy the style because it almost mimiks an interactive lecture. Its like attending a course, not reading a book. Its awesome.

As for the content? Well if your looking for beginner to advanced topics this book will cover it all but if you just want advanced-->expert then this book may not be what your looking for.

Hope you enjoy it.
15 years ago
Well I was thinking about...

I have my Pojos lets say user. A javabean that has all the user info, username/password, address, city, etc.

Then I have an userManager class this class will have all of the business logic attached to adding/updating/deleting users.

So then I was thinking of having all of my hibernate session code in a class by itself and then having all of the "Manager" classes implement an interface which would force the implementing class to include an instance of the hibernate helper class. The hibernate helper class would get inited by Spring's indepency injection.

Now i'm thinking this is a good design, but when ever I look at any book regarding designing a spring/hibernate app it has DAO for ever pojo javabean class.

So am i missing something? Doesn't that seam like your having alot of extra code?
I was wondering if anyone knows any sites/pdfs/tutorals on incorporating hibernate into the design of a application.

Not worried about code syntax and details, but more so on working hibernate into the class diagrams. Do I have to put hibernate into seperate classes or can I incorporate hibnerate logic into the regular business POJOs?

I want to setup a java/spring/hibernate/mysql project for home use.

I was thinking turning my ubuntu linux box into an apache/tomcat/mysql box.

But then after reading and researching I find out that there is alot of work getting apache to actually work with a DNS.

I found this java web hosting service:

Has anyone dealt with them before? Can anyone suggest someone better?

Eventually I will get my own box working but I don't want server configuration to stand in the way of my coding... once my project is humming along nicely i'll then worry about ubuntu.

15 years ago
I'm not sure I answered your question mark, so I'll try to do that here..

Yes, from conception I designed my idea (as well as the project) to be something that companies could use. Even though people may never use it, it will be something that could be used.

Example? ok so if you have a web store... i'm not going to collect credit cards because most smaller sites use something like pay pal. I'm actually thinking of getting a pay pal corporate account for the sole purpose of developing my app to USE pay pal, or actually a payment collection method of their (the client who would purchase the apps) choice. (it will be configurable so it won't be tied to any one service)

Then when I deploy my app it won't use pay pal (seeing things like that might make people think i'm trying to con them out of money) but I'm going to develop a small app that I can direct my store from when they are in checkout. The small app will pretend to be pay pal (with disclaimers everywhere saying that this is for educational services) This can be accompished by learning what needs to be passed to the pay pal service then developing a simple jsp app to grab that info and simulate processing.

Even though I'm not going to sell this product I will develop it to be industrial strength. It will be good enough for people to use. I can do this because i've worked with production systems. In my last company (I wont name it) I worked on an invoicing system that, in the busy season, took in up to 20 million dollars a day in revenue. So I think I have the ability to do this.

Does that answer your concern/question? If not I�m very grateful for your point of view.
[ June 26, 2007: Message edited by: Glenn Timchishen ]
15 years ago
I'm not planing on selling it or marketing it cause i'm not a salesman. I can't presade people to do things I want, its just something i'm not good at.

That being said, even though i'm not selling it, I am developing it as if I were. And If it works out well enough, I may try to sell it. And through incremental development, I will add more and more features. I doubt the apps will have much value for a few years but eventually they will.

But thats not the most important thing. The important thing is that they see the process i'm following. The process of gathering requirements, designing and implementing a solution, testing the product and documenting the result. I want them to see how over time, the value keeps growing.

Which is another reason why I picked the webstore. I can see myself adding functionality for years. Just on the weekend (i've already gathered most of my requirements) I've thought... parhaps these apps could eventually deal with customers and business customers. See? More functionality to include. This project can keep me busy for years. THATS what I want people to see.

The project is meant to be a foarm or mediem for continuous career development outside of work. I can keep reading books, and developing the apps almost indefentatly. I can even include things like themes (so that my clients can have webstores that look different from other clients that have my webstore) or parhaps I can include locales, eventually I could probably spend a year learning and incorporating first class security. I guess I want this to be one of those things where its, "Not about the destination so much as the journey itself".

Does that explain my purpose more? Do you understand more of what I want to accomplish now?
15 years ago
the reason why I choose this business solution is because so many people have that solution in place already. i've worked at 2 IT shops and both companies had some sort of in house purchacing/inventory managment system in place... so when they see this they can think, hey we do that here... he already has experence in doing that or something similar, maybe we should hire him?

And actually... This idea originally came from a business idea. The idea is to develop this suite to sell to... small businesses. There is a suite of three programs. A web store, a cashier app, and a inventory maintenance app. There are alot of programs out there that does this already but how many apps are there for small businesses to use? A guy who owns a mum and pop store can go into best buy, buy a prepackaged peice of software and set it up HIMSELF, no IT department required? (kinda like if they were setting up their accounting system themselves using quicken or simply accounting)

Would it fly? not sure, hense why i'm not planning on selling it. But I think if its done right, and its at the right place at the right time, it could be a hit!

Does that answer your question? Please let me know?
15 years ago
One of the reason why I like my project idea, is since i'm planing on doing incremental development, once I get the project to a certain point, then the project becomes availible to people and at that point I can slow down to what ever pace I want to, and even if stop for a while if I have to.

The first thing I did is I create a huge list of requirements that I want to make version 1.0. (first big release) So my first version will be 0.1. This means that it will have the most basic functionality.

After that, I can sit down with my huge list of requirements, pick out some of them and then proceed to do analysis and design/constuction/testing/implementations. Do that for 2 months, then once thats release I can take another break, or continue.

So once you get a basic functional set developed you can go as fast or as slow as you need to.

I hope that helps.
15 years ago
Thanks for all of the replies. I think i'll keep track of the comments until i'm actually ready to update the old resume.

I really appreciate the encouragement, sometimes it makes all the difference.
15 years ago

Right now our apps are model 1 jsps.

jsps calling other jsps with some functionality in java class files.

although, there has been some talk of us rewriting our apps to use struts/spring which would be awesome!

but even then the project is still valid... when/where do you get do do ALL the different areas of developement? so many times, all the "good" stuff goes to the senior guys and such.

like I said... this project is also a fun hobbie i'm doing.

Yes.. I know... I need a life.
[ June 22, 2007: Message edited by: Glenn Timchishen ]
15 years ago