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Originally posted by Sudhansu Pati:
Hi Nancy,
It was very hard to remove the JSPs from the sequence diagrams. Well I could have kept the clients separate from the rest of the sequence diagram, but in that case I would have 3 sequence diagrams for each use case.

I think the 2 MVC diagrams are generic for all the use cases. That is why I will separate web-tier sequence from the core biz that way, we will avoid the duplication in all the seq diagrams. So I will not list specific JSPs in the MVC diagram....I will use "ScreenView" to stand for a JSP. I will list all the JSP components in either the document or a note in the component diagram. The problem is if the sequence diagram omits the web-tier, it will not show the full action path from user to backend. Maybe someone used the same seq style and passed the exam can certify?

I want to follow Harish' approach on the sequence diagram : there will be 2 diagrams to explain how MVC works for 2 different clients. A few diagrams for use cases. The user case diagrams show the core business logic independent of client. (Thus, both clients share the same business logic). I am not sure for those diagrams, what should they start with...BusinessDelegate?

I think an easy and good solution is : web application leverages web container managed security, while agent must login first to use the Swing GUI. What do you guys think?

BTW, I do not like the idea to build the common presentation tier. The two clients do not have much common logic. Tightly bundling the presentation control will make the system hard to extend. Besides, this will add one more dependency to the swing : the web server. If the web server is down, an agent cannot access the system.
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