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Recent posts by Saheed Adepoju

Hello all,
Feel greats to be back to the forum that gave me my SCJP 5yrs ago..
Ok, i'm now into android. I am trying to get the android source code and getting some nasty errors.
I am currently using Ubuntu 10.04.

When i run the following repo init -u git://
I get the following error:[0:]: errno=Connection refused[0:]: errno=Connection refused
fatal: unable to connect a socket (Connection refused)

I have search for this on the internet and told that port 9418 was blocked.
I have allowed this port on my ubuntu machine. I also have contacted the network person within my office to ensure the ISP is not blocking this port.

I still get the same error.
14 years ago
What i would suggest is to get the book by Andrew Monkhouse and Terry Camerlengo. SCJD Exam with J2SE(second edition). It is a really good book, loads of interesting things. From initial analysis to final submission. Read these forum is a very good one and has good and nice people to help you all the way. I just bought the book and i am about to restart the entire project from the beginning. Keep a clear mind and it would be ok. I have had the assignment for 2yrs and i am in no rush to submit it. I have gained alot of insight into the entire thing and i know it is fun from solving every piece of the puzzle. I would recommend you pay for the SCJD, buy the book above(one of the author is here in the Ranch so you can always ask him questions). Anyways, look forward to when you download the assignment.
Thanks for the clarification. Now it makes sense to me now.
One can't even use jdk 1.4 even if you wanted to. I believe the 18 months rule still applies unless SUN has changed that requirement. jdk 1.5 i guess is the safest way to go now.
Also dont do it like the way you did the SCJP. Seems to me like you just wanna have it on a CV and that's that. Like someone suggested, do it cause it would be fun and would want to learn more about java. I have had my assignment for 2yrs(primarily cause i cant find the time) and i intend to really take my time cause there are loads of things to learn like Design patterns, software package structures, justification of design issues, errors in specs. Loads of things. I suggest you take your time on this one. It is fun.

Originally posted by Hummel Lucy:
Hi Saheed,

In my assignment there is the requirement that my code bases on a Java 2
version that is a production one and currently used and not an old one.

Perhaps you have similar requirement. Please check, if you use the right version.

Sorry about the lateness of this post. Yeah i have such a requirement, but i guess as long as the version one is using is not 18months old since its release then i guess we are in the clear. Please anyone correct me if i am wrong. And thanks i will check if it is a production version and not an old one.
[ May 23, 2007: Message edited by: Saheed Adepoju ]

Originally posted by Bod Toki:
Hello Saheed,
I'd say since you've been away from your assignment a long while, I'd say you should start all over again - It's very much worth the effort, you would have a clean design and it will be fresh in your head for the essay exam (2004 is a long time.)
If however you are not interested in starting all over again and you have tests (say JUnit tests) written for your classes, you can go ahead and refactor then test them. Andrew's book is a good one, so you're good to go.
All the best.

Hi Bod
Thanks for your advice. I actually do intend to restart all over again after giving it much thought. It would be fun all over again, i went through Andrew's book and i felt the need to redesign and recode cause i feel it would be a cleaner design this time and would be more confident to submit this time. I havent got any JUnit test cases so i will just restart from start. I am not in much of a hurry. Thanks again. Have a nice day.
Seems like i am not left out. I downloaded my assignment(B&S) in September 2005(SCJP in Oct 2004.) while doing my undergrad. Didnt have time to do it cause i had to graduate in Dec. 2005. Then Jan. 2006, got a job and started working full time and didnt have the slightest time to even look at it. I had developed it to a level but i am scared to death to submit it. I had to take the SCWCD not to allow the other voucher expired (which i failed terribly in Dec. 2006). I started an Msc in Advanced Software Eng. in Sept. 2006(Bournemouth Uni. UK), so i had quite a lot to cover for the Msc, so no way to do the SCJD. Failed the SCWCD in Dec. 2006 due to work load(actually primarily due to the fact that i just didnt want to waste the voucher). Switched to Advanced Computing by research in Feb. 2007, so now definatetly no time again cause i have to turn in my thesis for sept. 2007 so i have to focus. Grades are good in the Msc(Distinction), so now i am being considered for a PhD. I just bought Andrew's book again(got the soft copy at first) to now try and put a final touch and refactor the code with the time i can find. All these at 24yrs of age, i just hope i can find the time. So my own estimated time is 2yrs approx(in september). Anyways it is good not to be left alone in the loop of having the assignment for a while.
Hi all
I downloaded my assignment September 2004 and have almost finished it but i get scared submitting the damn thing. I am presently in the UK doing an Msc so i havent had anytime to do it. Well i am going back to what i started, the flare of the technology is hard burning and i would required all you lovely guyz to help out as i rekindle my quest to obtain my SCJD. I look forward to communicating soon with you all. I am actually refactoring the code and re-thinking the issues with much details so it would take probably a month to make it fully ready. I just bought Andrew's book(Is he still here by the way?) and i intend to use it thoroughly as a good guide. Thanks all, and it is good to be back.


Originally posted by Augusteen Chelliah:
String f(int k)
case 0: return "A";
case 1: return "B";

gives comile error there is no return statement in the Function f()
Can any one explain

You have a return type of a string and there is no place in your code that has a return, hence it will have a compile time error due to no return type. If you dont want to return any thing then you should just have a "return null" at the end of the method. I hope this helps.
Hi all
I would like to know if the HF book for the SCWCD is all that is required to pass the exams. I booked the exams for the 17th Nov. What other relevant books and or materials can be required. I have also registered at, is this enough? Can you please suggest other sites?
Thank you.
Hi all
I still have some issues regards fixing by booking code, it still doesnt seem to work. As if that wasnt enough, whenever i try to book across the network(using by sloppy update() that still doenst work).. I get the following error:

SEVERE: Error unmarshaling return header; nested exception is: Connection reset
java.rmi.UnmarshalException: Error unmarshaling return header; nested exception
is: Connection reset
at sun.rmi.transport.StreamRemoteCall.executeCall(
at sun.rmi.server.UnicastRef.invoke(
at suncertify.remote.ContractorDataImpl_Stub.Book(Unknown Source)
at suncertify.gui.GUIController.Book(Unknown Source)

I cant seem to find a solution to this funny problem that just developed recently. Thank you.

Originally posted by Andrew Monkhouse:
Wow, so much code - more than I want to handle in one hit. So I will look at bits and pieces, not necessarily all at once.

What would happen if the 'if' statment wasnt there and you only had the 'else' action. That is, what would happen if you called " + ( recNo - 1) * (recordLength + VALID_RECORD_INDICATOR ) );" with a recNo of 1?

What is this gaining you? That is, what is the value in using newRecords[] in your remaining code instead of using data[]?

What happens if a field provided to you is longer than the allowed field length?

What is 'a' (used in "recordStringBuffer.append(a);")?

In the buffer you write to file, are you accounting for the valid record indicator?

Regards, Andrew

Interesting points highlighted by you Andrew! I saw somethings that really were in-efficient. The 'a' value in my code was pointing to a null value, but i realised that i could simply append spaces instead of nulls cause when i checked the data file in TextPad i realised it was padded with spaces and there wasnt any null/funny characters, so i am assuming there is some kind of confusion in the requirement of the customer. Anyways that aside, my problem is with the actual writing to the file. I have taken care of when the incoming data is greater than the required length, my problem is when you say, i am catering for the Valid flag:
Here I give a scenario of what i "think" is happening when u want to write to the data file:

That is my thinking process(and it isnt working so far so i know there is a problem). Are you saying that I would have to account for the VALID-RECORD flag. Do i write it before i start actually writing the actual updates? Thank you.
Sorry i guess i forgot. When ever i do a Book() say for the 4th record, it distorts the remaining records(i.e i dont get to see records 5 - 29) and the updated 4th record isnt in arranged at all, the "Types of Work" column, "Number of staff" column "Hourly rate" and "Owner" column have their records distorted. What i guess happened is the length of data i am writing is more than the required one specified in the datafile. But i am sure i am taking care of that while writing. My question is: Is there is problem with the way i am writing my data to the data file?
Hi all
I have tried and searched this forum on help with my update(). I seem not to understand some fundamentals and i will be grateful if someone could direct me to a post that will help my plight. I therefore post my sections of update method and ask for directions. If some sections of the posted code violates any code of conduct of the ranch, pls the moderator can feel free to edit sections of the code and i apologise:

Thank you as you help out.
Just a thought, i figured using 1.4.2 is actually kinda late cause it has been 18 months since its realease. Shoudnt you be testing/working with Jdk 5.0 or is simply using the JRE(1.5) enough. Anyways just an observation