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Originally posted by Manish Hatwalne:

(2) I know two cases personally who were offered job in 2003, they resigned and accenture revoked the offer. One guy was jobless for 2-3 monhs before he joined another company.

This is similar to my story. I got an offer from Accenture. Resigned from the current job , bought the plane tickets and then received a mail that they had decided to revoke my offer for reasons best known to them. I called and mailed numerous times but they weren't even intersted in talking. They were extremely unprofessional and left me without a job for 3 months. Finally I had to take up a job for a salary lesser than the job I resigned from.
15 years ago
Does HfSJ cover everything needed for the exam?
I am reading Head First Servlets and JSP for SCWCD1.4 exam and planning to sit for the exam next week.
Are there any topics that are in the exam but not covered in the Head First book?
Thanks for helping
15 years ago
Thanks for replying.

isn't there a chance of one user's parameter overwriting another user's paramter.

User1 does
String s = request.getParameter("s");

User2 does
String s = request.getParameter("s");

Is there a possiblility that user2's value overwrites the user1's value.
15 years ago
i have a form with some text fields. This form is submitted to a JSP page where i do

String n = request.getParameter("name");

and then insert to values in the database.

i want to know is the whole thing Thread safe. Is there a possibilty that another clients values can override the values or the same client can open 2 browser windows and the values may get corrupted.

15 years ago

Originally posted by Mikalai Zaikin:
Does the JSP now print "null" to the client ?


yes it does
thanks again
These things used to happen in India.
Surprisingly they have started happening in US as well.
I think the world is catching on us.
15 years ago
Pg 233 HF S&J

Passing "false" to request.getSession(false) means the method returns a preexisitng session, or null if there is no session associated with the client.

So i made a JSP page and put the following line in it

I was expecting "null" but it gave me


Does that mean a session was already existing?
it gives this error

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext.getVariableResolver()Ljavax/servlet/jsp/el/VariableResolver;
15 years ago
i have installed tomcat5.0 with jdk1.4. If go to the follwoing url
I get some ibbuild jsp examples. Problem is they don't execute. This problem is with jsp examples mentioned under the head
JSP 2.0 Examples
But all the JSP1.2 examples run fine.
What do i need to do to make this work ?
[ October 28, 2004: Message edited by: sylvia greene ]
15 years ago
I have a folder called src. In this folder i have a jar file log4j-1.2.7 which contains packages. In the same folder src i have another package which has a file
When i compile this class it cannot access classes within the jar file.

structure is something like this




I am writing
D:\>src\classes>javac com\abc\

It's unable to find the classes in jar file
16 years ago
I am using tomcat 4.1
I have a JSP page which has a link. When the user clicks on the link an excel sheet which is on the server should open or should ask the user to save it. I have specified the path as something

But the problem is the sheet opens in the browser showing garbage characters which are not understandable. The user does have Excel installed but still it doesn't work. If the user has Download Accelerator Plus installed then it is invoked which downloads the file fine.
Please help.
16 years ago