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Recent posts by Hari Peng

Thanks ,Gaurav .
I think I should go to find this book as soon as possible .
hi,every one:
I finish my scwcd this morning,since my EJB knowlage is not SCBCD come into plan.
I have few knowlage about books I can choose.and I live in Beijing,so some book newest in USA maybe not availiable to me now,can some one introduce several mature book about SCBCD?thanks a lot.
glad to know your opions same with me,and your remind is right,when I
post this,I drop the "/".
Hi,every one,
I am doing a mock exam(Whizlabs) on SCWCD.there is one problem confusing me.
which is correct way to pass parameter to a dynamically included page?
c.<jsp:include page="includedPage.jsp">
<jsp aram>
<jsp aram>
d.<jsp:include page="includedPage.jsp">
<jsp aram name="paramName" value="paramValue">

I omit the answers have obvious mistakes,I think d has no problem, and c is wrong: its tag <jsp aram> is not end;
but the answer is this answer right?
thank you for your help,
you point out that the 'transaction' is my real intention,that's true,It's luck that this wrong spell happen on the begin of this program,so its used
later consistently,it does not result in this error.

and in you post:
Since it works in java_home but not in tomcat (?catalina_home??), try adding java_home to tomcat's path if it isn't already.

I thought since the directory structure of servlet app
is a standard,the container will know the class is in '/WEB_INF/classes/'

I don't know where to set the classpath of a servlet container,(web.xml,or struts_config.xml)?
16 years ago
Hi,every one,

My cicrument is Tomcat 5.0 + struts 1.1,this is a simple logon page,I put
LogonAction.class in WEB_INF\classes\netcom\docmanager\transcation

struts_config.xml is:
<form-bean name="logonForm" type="netcom.docmanager.formbean.LogonForm"/>
<action path="/logon" name="logonForm" type=" netcom.docmanager.transcation.LogonAction " scope="request" >
<forward name="failure" path="/ logon.jsp"/>
<forward name="success" path="/ mainmenu.jsp"/>

when address the url ".../",following error info is given:

"No action instance for path /logon could be created
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: netcom.docmanager.transcation.LogonAction"

but I call "java netcom.docmanager.transcation.LogonAction",this class can be found,so this is not the issue about classpath,

Can anybody know what's wrong with it?
16 years ago
Hi, every one,
When I do some exercise,I meet this question about HTTP:
5. Identify the authentication mechanisms that are built into the HTTP specification.
(Select two)
a Basic
b Client-Cert
d Digest
e Client-Digest
Answers: a and d
My doubt is the answer d & f, as we know, not all the browers support Digest,so if it is "build in" HTTP,how this happen?
I think the HTTPS should be right,since its similitude name.