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Originally posted by Oleg Kirillov:

I guess problem is here:
<form action="pd2.jsp" method="post">
You set method to "post", not "POST". The size, i.e. case does matter! If you try to look at http traffic you'll notice that really your browser used a GET method on this form as it parsed method attribute incorrectly.

Actually in XHTML it's clearly defined that the only valid values for method are "post" and "get". It is not valid XHTML to use the uppercase versions. But in reality, browsers ignore the case of the method attribute, perhaps except for some VERY old versions ...

Thankyou everyone for this thread, this problem has been driving me nuts lately because I couldn't work it out! I thought it must have been a problem with the web container (Sun One Appserver), I should have suspected IE right from the start.

PS> Has anyone worked out a method to consistently replicate this problem? It seems random to me, sometimes it's very hard to simulate it. It would be good if I could replicate it at will.
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13 years ago