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Recent posts by Chih-Chieh Huang

Hi Sekhar,

The exam will tell you the number of correct answer(s) you have
to choose.


Hi Conan,

Thanks for your advice.

I am aware of the differences between 080 & 081, but I had no choice
back then. I was waiting for the head first book on Servlets/JSP but
couldn't wait no more, therefore I took 080 first.

As soon as I receive the book, I shall start learning new stuffs.

Right now, EJB has already kept me busy.
17 years ago
Hi Ravi,

I did have a little experience in Servlets, but almost no
experience in JSP. I think it's very likely that you can
pass the exam with a good score and also in a short period
of time. 2 months is enough if you spend 2-3 hrs everyday
preparing for it.

Roughly speaking, exams questions can be divided into 2
categories. One requires you to memorize API and ruls,
the other one requires you to know how things really work.

For the second category, what I did is to actually write
and run some sample codes to see how does it work.
Whenever I have a doubt of the behavior of Servlets/JSP,
I will just write some codes to test it.

Hope this will help.

Good luck.
17 years ago
It's better than I expected!

I spent 5 weeks on it right after finishing SCJP 1.4

Here are what I have used for preparation:

SCWCD Exam Study Kit
This book is good even for just learning servlets and JSP.
I personally like this book better than "core/more servlet JSP book"
I especially like its "exam quick prep", pretty good.


Free trial JWebPlus
Whizlab scwcd simulator

SCBCD and weblogic are next.

17 years ago
sorry for the late reply.

I am hoping to take SCJD in 2 months.
But, I might go for SCWCD first.
I will only choose one of them at a time.
17 years ago
I did it !!!

I spent 1.5 months on it.

I will probably go for SCJD or SCWCD 1.4 next.

17 years ago