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Recent posts by Adam Villena

I want to use the ServiceException in webMethods with this parameters:

public ServiceException(java.lang.Class bundleClass,
java.lang.String bundleKey,
java.lang.String sourceId,
java.lang.String parameter)

Constructs a ServiceException using the specified parameters as input.


bundleClass - A Class representing the resource bundle class. For example, AccessExceptionBundle.class.
bundleKey - A String specifying the identifier used to map to a particular message or message set that is contained in the resource bundle.
sourceId - A String specifying a sourceId for this AccessException. sourceId can be null.
parameter - A String specifying a substitution value.

Question is, how do I use this? Can anyone explain me what is the bundleClass, what does it contain, etc? thanks!
19 years ago
Fair enough Rob I'll check your book if it's already available here in the Philippines
19 years ago
I have a similar problem...

I can create a login @ but I can't @

19 years ago
Upon taking the SCJP exam I had around 2-3 questions regarding operator precedence
Hey Nick!

Thanks for the gratis! In your opinion (since I would vouch that you have the most number of certifications, hehehe) aside from pursuing a J2EE certification career (by the way, what's better, the SCWCD or SCBCD in terms of career growth and difficulty of exam), what would be a good one? an Oracle certification or something? I wouldn't want a Microsoft Certification 'cause it expires, hehehe
19 years ago

Eh, not necessarily so. The biggest difference, and one which I've found to be consistenly tricky when you're out of practice, is whereas in Swing, where GUI resource management is handled automatically, in SWT and JFace, you need to allocate and release handles to manage resources.

It's just one of those things that you need to be extra-vigilant about until you get the hang of it.

Is the manual management of resources in SWT/JFace that noticeable, or it's like the thought of "creating optimized application as much as possible" makes SWT preferable that Swing? If its not that big a difference, might as well stick to Swing...? Of course, learning new things in Java would be great
19 years ago
Hi! How does this book differ from other SWT/JFACE book? (like Professional Java Interfaces with SWT/JFace and SWTworkbench)
19 years ago
Hey Nick! thanks for the congrats a while ago!

I wish I had your job... getting certified for free is a dream come true now I'm wondering how am I going to get the money for my next certification, heh I'm adding the SCJP acronym on my name but in your case... it will be a torture to do so
19 years ago
Hey I forgot some people to thank for!

- First, to javaranch, for the creating this site. The rules round-up was a very big help!
- Second, to Dan Chisholm, for his mock exam, it helped me to focus more on the questions and the basics... VERY RECOMMENDED! ANSWER HIS MOCK EXAM!
- Third, to Whizlabs... which gave me so many headaches answering the Expert mode! Talk about questions that are so outrageous!

Thank you all!

19 years ago
Not to much to brag about but I passed with 83%! The feeling is so good I want to take another exam any suggestions on what to take next?

Also, why can't I create an account in

but I can create an account in
[ July 07, 2004: Message edited by: Grizzly Adam Villena ]
19 years ago