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since Jul 08, 2004
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Recent posts by Werawat S.

dear ranchers,

i'm trying to make every virtual servers of iplanet 6.0 able to compile jsp and servlet.
All virtual server operating fine, it could display all simple html pages. but there're some thing weird when i request jsp/servlet pages

symthom :
when i request jsp page from any virtual server, iplanet generate "error:500" to browser. while log file of virtual server said it is "file not found".

what have i done? :
- change iplanet's global setting from using JRE to JDK (as manual said it needed for compiling jsp and servlets)
- add tools.jar to classpath
- enable java globally
- enable web-apps of each <VS> in server.xml

something i've try and it's seem suspicious :
i've put jsp/servlet files to virtual server class's docroot "C:/iplanet/servers/docs/jsp"
then send a request to virutal server, which inside of it's docroot "C:/home/webapps/flyingtomato.net" is empty (http://www.flyingtomato.net/jsp)
it's operate !! virtual server compile and display all jsp and servlets.
i'm also tried to put some simple html inside virtual server's docroot and request it as it is, that is operate correctly too !!

now i'm really out of my idea to fix it, anyone having same experience or any solutions ( -_-)?

best rgds.
19 years ago