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since Jul 11, 2004
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Recent posts by assia assiatoune

hello mr HILL,
I have a big problem with the command :"batch ...."
I used it to load the first file : file1.clp
then I exeuted it(file1);
after that I used it to load: File2.clp
and I executed it(file2),
after I used it agin to load the first file :file1.clp
and when I execute it(file1) , the second one is executing.

why? what must I do?

waiting for your answer. thanks!
19 years ago
hello Mr,

first thank you for helping me! I am going to spend my exam next week. I could not realise it without your help. thanks too!
this is my question:
the jess exception can find one error in the file.clp (the first one found )
what to do to find all the errors in the file.clp .
the second one is always the problem of how o input my data in a textfield
to use it in an interactive program!!!

waiting for the answers of my last questions!(I hope)
19 years ago
hello Mr,
please can you help me about using servlet with JESS,
or give a Web adress where I can find documentation about it.
thanks very match!!!
19 years ago
hello Mr friedMan,
first thank you for your answer!but I had a problrm too.
for more details I have a textarea , a textfield and a button .
the button is to run a file.clp,which means when I click on it : I "batch " the file.clp,the "watch all" then "reset" and finally "run" it.
my file .clp is the example(sticks.clp) which is in jess/examples directory.
and the textArea is for output and the textfield is for input!
when I click on the button the execution starts normally,but it needs data to be entered as an answer of question for example yhe first qestion that appears in the textAres is :Who moves first (Computer: c Human: h)?
and I can't enter my answer in the textField.
I have done what yo said to me(add an action listner to a textfield .but I the reslt was the same!!!
must I add an action Listner to the button or what must I add?

waiting for your answer!!!

19 years ago
hello Mr friedMan,
first thank you and thank you again !,

I asked you a question about how to exchange the input directory!!
I studied so ,(as you said) ,the two examples (conbsole and console pannel) and I used a textfield for input (as you said) and not a textarea.
but i could not input my text in the textfield!!! and the standard input directory is locked!
can you give me a short example to clarify this problem!!!

thanks very much too!
waiting for your helpfull answer!!!
thanks !
19 years ago
first, thanks for all your answers!
my question is about InputRouter!
I want to reroute the standard input directory to a textArea.
I used:

but the result was that I could not input text since the stanard output directory too.
how to do to reroute it to my taxtArea1?


[ July 27, 2004: Message edited by: Lasse Koskela ]
19 years ago
hello !
I am going to ask you a question that I had asked you before.It is about halting the inference engine!!
what did you mean by (if I call the inference from two threads ,all shall be well!)?
do you mean by this sentence that i must have two rete engines for example:
I have two Buttons:
jButton1 and jButton2
and if I click on the first button I have:
jess.Rete r1 = new rete();
r1.executeCommand("batch ....................../zebra.clp");//for example
and if I click on the second button I have:
jess.Rete r2 = new rete();
// and from r2 I have to call the commande
I had tried with this short example program but the inference would not stop.

the second question is how to activate it after suspending(stopping)it.

I'm waiting for you answers.
thank you. luyza

19 years ago
for starting , thanks,
for the first question I asked you , I have found yesterday at night(after posting you my question) the section of the manual about i\oRouters , so now, all is right.thank you.

for the second one I am going to try with it again this afternoon.

for more details:the problem I faced is having a"file.clp" how to suspend the inference engine in order for example(ot add a new rule or a new fact or a new function in the "file.clp"(which can act on the result of the inferencing); and how to activate it after!

NB: how to do it from java(Jbuilder)?
waiting for your answer!thanks a loooooot. luyza.
20 years ago
hello ,first thanks fo all again!
I ma goig to permit to me asking you two other problems I faced in my project: the first one is :
how to change the directory outPut of the result of the inference with JBuilder.
As I said in my last questions,I'm working with JBuilder so after using the command"batch 'a file'" ,the result will be visualized on the JBuilder OUtPut directory.
if I want to visualize it on my own OUtPut directory,for example on a "TextArea" what must I do?
the second one is :how to suspend the result of the inference.
the command (halt) doen't work.
where must I put it in the (file.clp) that I load ,or using the rete.executeCommand("(halt)")?. I used it in the two cases but without any result.Why?
thanks a looooooooooooooooooot. luyza.
20 years ago
I have a prolem with communication between JACK agents,I want that the communication happens by sending messages according to FIPA ACL Standards .
one of the solutions consists of using the FipaMessage class .how?
a short example will help me.
NB: i am calling JRE of JACK form Java(JBuilder)
20 years ago
I have a prolem with communication between JACK agents,I want that the communication happens by sending messages according to FIPA ACL Standards .
one of the solutions consists of using the FipaMessage class .how?
a short example will helps me.
20 years ago
my cuurent problrem is how to thank, you for helping me!!!
the last Jess command ( of the the Syntax of "batch") you gave me was the coorect wone.
thanks a lot ,
20 years ago
first ,thanks alot for all.

as I said, Iwork with JBuilder ,
my project is named "test_project" and it is saved in d:\test_project.
in this project ,I have a javafile named "test" ( a class)
in this class I use the command engine.executeCommand("batch....");
to load a .clp file (I wanted to load one of the files located in the jess examples ,for example: draw.clp which is situated in the :\jess6p7\jess\examples\draw.clp) I wrote so ,in the test class like this
class test{

public test()
{Rete r = new Rete();
r.executecommand("(batch d:/jess6p7/jess/examples/draw.clp )");
catch(JessException j)

and in the execution I got: can't open file!!!
and sometimes Bad SlotType!!!
I'd tried with :

but the result was the same.

so where is the problem?

thanks thanks ,thanks alot for all.
20 years ago
thanks for your answers!

please how can I know if goal"X" is reached or not during the execution of the enference engine JESS on a set of rules and a dets of initial facts?
by using defquery?(which mean asking a query which verifies if the goal exists in the lidt of facts or no to stop the enfernce engine)

this will help me alot in my project.
waiting for your answer.thanks!!! -luyza-
20 years ago
hello !
I have a problem with the "batch " command It does not work, it generates a jess exception:"can't open file"
NB: i am workin with Jbuilder.
I am using the Rete classe and using ; Rete rete.exectutecommand("(batch ...../draw.clp)");
and the file draw.clp would not be loaded ?
must I save my project in the same directory as the FILe.clp? or what?

waiting for your answer .thanks a lot!
20 years ago