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Recent posts by Namrata Gotule

I think in services company you have good oppurtunity to learn the Software development Life cycle for the first time but chances are higher that you end up doing projects that are very similar to each other many times
you waste lot of time doing the same thing from different clients
may be cutting and pasting the same code in the name reusability...
This is the case may be 65-70 % of the cases

With product developement you start with a new idea and may be new architechture head on ...
you have new bugs...
Whatever modifications you do to the product while its operation happen to be something to think about

You happen to grab a company which could launch or modifies products frequently they you learn more ..

Well thats what i have to say about this topic!!
17 years ago
Thanks people ...
You have given quite right information ...
Though i couldnt make it ...Tech Interview happened to be real tough and 1.5 hours long ...
Barrage of questions !!!
Well in between i checked the web for this company and it happens to be very reputed one..
It has recently started using IBM solutions and has gone linux way...
Marketwise also holds well withcustomers..

Thought i missed the chance ...

Anyways thanks for all your help !!
Still working in a product development company is better or in a services company ???

Do pass on your views!
17 years ago
Its time to search for another job ..
You will never grow in this company unless and ofcourse your immediate boss changes
17 years ago
Hi ..
Any info about the company EGain Communications Pvt Ltd
I have an interview with this company ..
Basicaly java/J2EE based work
Salary seems to be alright but i am concerned about the name and reputation and future prospects...
Happens to be a Sunnyvale California Based company making CRM and call center software ..

If you have any useful info regarding this company do suggest

17 years ago