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Recent posts by Sania Marsh

I agree with those who say that life is so different, you cannot know for sure.
One major difference will be the culture, almost all indians feel great difference. Jobs are also different.

Most of my friends who have kids are actually returning back to India now, as they have better opportunities and culture there. (by "better" I mean more suitable for them)
17 years ago
Hi, is there anyone here who can explain and answer some questions on LSP?

I keep trying to read about it on the internet, but it doesn't make much sence..
I guess I want someone to try and explain it before I ask the questions, chances are I'm just understanding it wrong, so don't want to confuse with my questions.
Didn't want to hijack Gerald's thread and really confused by the one that says "Imporance of 14th Feb"..

I guess I'm curious what did you do for your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend today?
Or what are you planning on doing?

I sent my husband basket from his favourite baker to office, and tonight he is taking me out somewhere..

How about you?
18 years ago

Originally posted by Svend Rost:

Hehe.. well, I've got to admit that I cant see the "romantic" aspect of
SMS either. A normal letter could be romantic, but: "Hey hun, how r u, luv n hugz"
That being said, SMS is a nice way of telling something that your think
about them.

/Svend Rost

[ February 14, 2006: Message edited by: Svend Rost ]


Well, I'm a woman, Angela, who agreed with me is a woman.. Now, how about you and Jeff? (just kidding) And why do you have to write in the manner you mentioned? You can as well talk on the phone in the same manner.

Think about this.. You met a girl, you like her, you don't know yet where your relationship will go, so you are both shy to make first move.. and you recieve a message "Hi, cannot stop thinking about you, can I see you tonight?".. It leaves impression that she is shy to say it, so she texted it, which is kind of cute, plus you can re-read that message and smile again..
Also, you can draw a rose -'-@ at the end of your message to make it more romantic
18 years ago

Originally posted by Gerald Davis:
I have decided, after asking around that I should give Valentines Day a miss because it is too much too soon after going a first date last saturday. However, I wonder if I should Text her or call her on that day.

I personally find texting more romantic... but it maybe just me..
18 years ago

Originally posted by Tintin Herge:
Wetherspoon on Valentine's Day ??? You sure know how to impress a woman - NOT !!!

Well... we don't know the girl...
But I think you are right..

Take her to some new place - new for her, some national restaurant with lot of dancing maybe(Bulgarian or Spanish... or whatever you like).
18 years ago

Originally posted by Roger Johnson:
learning languages is a waste of time and effort. God should have created human with only one language.

image all the wonderful things you can do with the time wasted on learning foreign languages. well, you may end up just sleeping, even that is good, you will live healthier and longer

You should work as God's consultant..
[ February 13, 2006: Message edited by: Sania Marsh ]
18 years ago

and few more languages of turcic origin
18 years ago

Originally posted by Ali Hussain:
This is how we work in Europe even in big consulting firms. Especially when it comes to business and data layer, I rarely see DBA's sitting there and writing DAOs for others. Personally I am quite happy to do it.

I thought there were tools that would do that for you..
18 years ago

all my jobs I did all layers and on some of my jobs I also played a role of DBA and Sysadmin
Noone paid me hourly!!!

It is not 3-in-1 package.. It really depends on the company - some companies have testers, some assume you'll do it yourself.. Same with QA, Deployers, Designers, etc. Maybe those with more skills paid little better, but not nessesary.
18 years ago
I somehow thought it was really easy to make bricks.. I used to see people making them on their yards back home.. I wander if that has something to do with the quality of mud.. otherwise I don't see why north-east couldn't make thir own bricks..
[ February 03, 2006: Message edited by: Sania Marsh ]
18 years ago

Originally posted by Roger Johnson:
is there anyone out there can appreciate the taste?

I love it with Basmati rice.

I cannot know if the one you tried was made well, but normally it is really good.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Ernest Friedman-Hill:
My main problem with urinals is that the water is always so cold.

I heard cold water is good for skin color and it shrinks pores to make it silky...
18 years ago

Originally posted by Ernest Friedman-Hill:
"If everyone eats their own potato chips, everything's gonna be alright."

I reportedly said this in my sleep at age 8.

If you found a note saying "Don't eat my chips" in Potato chips bag, and you didn't write it - everything is not gonna be alright.
18 years ago

What are the houses in US mostly built with?

I see some constructions going on around and they all use wood. (I'm in North-East US).

Aren't there any brick houses? and are they more expensive?

Thank you for all the answers. They are very helpful.
18 years ago