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Recent posts by Akshatha Nayak

Hi Guys,
Does anybody know how to get the number of months using 2 different date fields ?
All i need to find out is if the difference between entered date like some employed date and currentdate ( like todays date ) is more than 2 yrs .
hi guys
i was wondering if i can deploy my application developed on WSAD on weblogic or do i have to make any changes in any files ?
Thankx in advance
18 years ago
hi Guys,
i have been using WSAD for a couple of months now .. i learnt it on my own .. i did JSP,Servlets & other stuffs .. i even did stateless session bean & used UTC as the client .. now i want to have my own java class (stand alone java client )as the client .. how do i do it? where shud i place the java client ..
i searched all the previous postings in this forum .. many people have posted this problem .. but no solution .. i also checked IBM Site too .. no luck there too ..
can anybody pls help me with this ..
Thankx in Advance
19 years ago
when i recieved my certificate & pin they had also sent me a letter in which they had mentioned the url for the logo..when i accessed that url i had to fill in a form in which my register id & email Id & other detail were asked .. then i got a mail from sun at access their site to download logo.. thatz it

check the letter they sent you with your certificate..good luck
when i cleared Java certification ..i got Sun Certified Professional &
for SCWCD Sun Certified Web Component Developer .. they are 2 different logos ..
hi guys ,
i'm thinking of taking SCBCD exam .. & i have this book on EJB by Richard Monson-Haefel..what do you guys think about the book ? is this book enuf to get a good score in the exam .
waiting for ur suggestions ..
Thankx in advance
Avi ,
i understand that you were trying to help me.Thankx alot again . but if you see in your post above ,you have already mentioned about Nithin's code ..
i feel its better for all of us to just address the problem and help eachother by correcting eachother when we r wrong .. like how Avi did . Commenting on eachothers suggestion is really misleading coz that does not lead us to the solution... lets not do that..lets correct eachother instead .
Thankx alot Nitin ,Prince, Shailesh,David,Avi for your time & patience .
i made changes as you told me.. but i have used executeQuery() instead of execute ()..coz it gave me a compilation error.. but now its working fine ..

Thankx for answering my post .. and about this
"The wonderful thing about the Internet is that anyone can write anything they like -- even incorrect, misleading and incomplete statements. This can sometimes be very annoying, no?"

yes you are right .. but remember that you are in JavaRanch . The main purpose of this site is to help people with their programming problems . if everybody knew everything nobody would have logged into javaranch .
JavaRanch is popular becoz all kinds of programming problems get solved here . Most of the people here try to learn things on their own .. so obviously silly doubts , annoying questions ,incorrect programming do get posted .. but its for the other members of this community to correct them,answer them patiently.. thatz called sharing information..
today if u answer somebody's problem..tomorrow somebody else will answer u .. thatz the way this wolrd works dude ..
i didnt post my program to mislead anybody ... i did it becoz i needed somebody to lead me to correct solution
hi guys ,
i have a problem getting the sequence number. i have a table named customer .. where i have want to auto generate the customer id .. so i have used sequence on customer id .. now if i want to insert a new customer from my java program ..first i shud get the sequence number .. how do i get it .. i tried using
int cust_id = statement.executeUpdate("select cust_sequence from dual",RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS );
looks like it isnt working ... although when i print the current value from sql*plus it is incrementing the sequence number ..

OR simply this code is not working .whatz wrong with this .. can anybody pls point out

import java.sql.*;
import java.sql.Statement.*;

public class ConnectionJdbc {

public static Connection con = null;

public Connection connect()throws SQLException{
String dbURI = "jdbc racle:thin:@host:1521:mydb";
DriverManager.registerDriver (new oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver());

con = DriverManager.getConnection(dbURI,"SCOTT","TIGER");
return con;

public static void main(String [] args)throws Exception{
int cust_id = 0;
String title = "ms";
String firstname ="Akshatha";
String lastname = "Nayak";

Statement stmt = null;
ResultSet rs = null;
ConnectionJdbc conjdbc = new ConnectionJdbc();
try {
Connection con = conjdbc.connect();

stmt = con.createStatement();
cust_id = stmt.executeUpdate("SELECT CUST_SEQUENCE.NEXTVAL FROM DUAL");
String SQLCommand = "INSERT INTO CUSTOMER (cust_id,title,firstname,lastname) VALUES"+ "("+ cust_id + ",'"+ title +"',"+
"'"+ firstname + "'," + "'" + lastname + "')" ;
rs = stmt.executeUpdate(SQLCommand);
} finally {

// Close connection
if (con != null) {
try {
} catch (SQLException ex) {
System.out.println("Error in closing Conection");

that is the url you r using to connect to ur oracle database ..
it is jdbc racle:thin@<hostname>:<databasename>
checkout this site http://www.javaskyline.com/learnjdbc.html

if u have installed oracle properly & if u r using thin client .. then u need to put classes12.jar in ur claspath .. & run this program ... if it runs properly displaying all the metadata .. then everything is fn .. see how they have connecte to oracle u have to use change host & databasename & enter whatz in ur oracle ..
Thankx alot Ben .. i used printStackTrace method & i cud figure out what was wrong ..now its working ...
what i dont understand is y wasnt it printing when i used getMessage method .. coz i had a SOP statement in that method ..
Thankx again
19 years ago
hi guys ,
i'm stuck here with a prb ... is there anything wrong with the below given servlet ... coz i'm not getting any output which is a html page ...
servlet uses java bean classes .. i have imported all the necessary classes .. pls help me with this ..

Thankx in advance ..
19 years ago
hi guys ,
Question " When implementing a tag, if the tag just includes the body verbatim, or if it does not include the body, then the tag handler class must extend the BodyTagSupport class. Is this statement true of false. "

i got this question from a mock exam site ... i didnt get the question exactally .. Answer to this is "false. Such a class should extend the TagSupport class". i dont understand y cant it extend BodyTagSupport