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Bob Beckley

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since Jul 17, 2004
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You might want to try EDS ( They've got quite a big project going with the Veterans Administration to help them completely rebuild their software system from M (MUMPS) to Java. They're in the beginning stages right now, and the whole project will probably go on for at least the next six years. You may have to move (although they do quite a bit of telecommuting) and may have to learn a little M (very easy to pick up). Hope this helps. Good luck!
16 years ago
Whooooooops, there I go again!

It's "Carnatic". My apologies to the spelling police. No wonder none of my programs compile.
Or maybe a nice Carnaric tala with plenty of sitar in the background?
Sorry about the extra "s" in "assert".
For those of you who are sing-along types. Lyrics by Sun. Music is "melody independent" (make up your own [rock, pop, country, rap, etc]).

abstract boolean break byte case catch
char class const continue default do

double else extends final finally float
for goto if implements import instanceof

int interface long native new package
private protected public return short static

strictfp super switch synchronized this throw
throws transient try void volatile while