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We are looking for what you think are the top architectural risks for the system. They may or may not be systemic qualities. Strictly your choice.
yes, we are still the lead developers and assessors of the exam.
Chapter 9 of the book covers a case study and provides an example.
The book has suggested reading and sample questions in each chapter.
Teja, thanks for the feedback. If you could let us know which questions are marked incorrectly we can get that fixed before the next round of printing. I agree with you on moving the answers to the end, but I lost that fight with the publisher. They thought it would be more beneficial to have the answer immediately after the questions so that you wouldn't potentially have to flip pages. Doesn't make sense to me. As for the CD of exam questions, we will look into that. Thanks again for the feedback.
I'm not sure it is available in India yet, but will send a note the publisher requesting it.
The book does provide clarity about level of detail expected on the diagrams.
There are no certification prerequisites for SCEA. Glad you have the other certifications.
It's primary purpose is exam preparation, but there is also very helpful information on understanding architecture and things to consider when doing architecture.
This book is for the new version of the exam.
The book is thin by design. If we tried to cover every detail on every topic, we'd still be writing. The intent of the book is a study guide to help you focus your preparation and cover the topics we think are the most important.
Thanks RJ. We tried to make the book more than just a Study Guide for the exam.
The book covers all of the exam objectives, so I think it is the book for you.
I think so, but others will have to respond.