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Recent posts by King Hong Chan

I think this "Shareable" means the connection which produced by the Resource manager may be used by another bean instance when the connection is not in a transaction. It doesn't mean the "xml entry" in the deployment descriptor is shareable to other beans.
Ok, I figured out what is the problem. If I ommit the java:comp/env, actually I am looking up the real JNDI service instead of the bean environment in the deployment descriptor file.
From the HF book, is the context lookup should be begin with "java:comp/env"?

Because when I test in the Websphere studio, the "java:comp/env" should be ommited to work
Why a BMP cannot use BMT as there are so many self control sql statement in it?
If I do not specify any transaction attribute and method permission for every methods in the beans, will I get a error? If not, what is the default for them?
Moreover, if there is any definition in the deployment descriptor, what is the default transaction attribute for the CMT beans?
So will there be an exception or just the target database is updated even the user transaction is rollback?
What is the difference between BMT UserTransaction/CMT and JDBC Transaction?

So does the database be updated finally by the following?

//some db update code