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Recent posts by Bill Keller

These are excellent responses to the question.

But I feel badly for 'newbies' trying to understand ver. info.
Notice references to learning Java 2 from books which are/will be updated for Java 1.5

It's a shame that so many smart people have colaborated so well within the Java community to create Java 2, which is now at ver. 1.5

Who needs that kind of confusion ?
No one should have to explain how we got there.

Anyone who read this far shouldn't leave more confused than informed.
Java 2 is actually a reference to Java 1.2 - probably 'marketing' at work
Java 5 is likely to become the common term for Java 1.5
17 years ago
Please ignore this question
I see the answer
17 years ago
Is it possible to read questions posted approx. Nov. 22 ?
Nov. 27 seems to be as far back as avail.
17 years ago
1. - You understand the questions
2. - You know the answers
3. - Your responses are prompt, timely
4. - the price is affordable

but the name/theme kept me out for a long time
- same mistake I made w/Yahoo & Google
17 years ago
You clearly typed java subDirA.subDirB.MyPgm
too many times I type java subDirA\subDirB\MyPgm
then Finally, I see/do as you advise, and of course it works

Can you explain why/how Java navigates from PROJECTS to locate files in subDirB? I would have never known to use the 'dot' format w/o your advice.

I'm modifying/extending Thinlet examples which deploy from ...thinlet\demo
I've used Eclipse with Ant build.xml for JSP/Struts projects for about a yr, but for this effort, I've simplified to cmd.exe and Notepad. I've never noticed the 'dot' format in a commandline before.

A big ThankS for the help !!
btw - have worked w/James Owens in Dallas using JESS, busns rules etc
17 years ago
I'm extending a 'main' program which begins with

package subDirA.subDirB

This program runs OK after a '.jar' file is created. However, during development I would prefer to run w/o the additional step of having to create a new jar before every test cycle. Unfortunately the 'package' statement must be commented out for that to succeed.

What do I need to do differently during testing to execute the .class version of my 'main' program ? I've tried every combination of -cp etc. that could possibly work, until nothing makes sense to me anymore.
17 years ago
When I've seen underscores used, they suggest some pattern or intended meaning by convention. For example, variables using all upper case letters indicate a constant value, such as PI. It seems that is not the case for _size.
17 years ago
What is the meaning of prepending an underscore in a variable name, such as _myValue ?
17 years ago
For the SCJP test containing 61 questions -
Does each question have equal weight in the total score ?
If correct answer is A,C - does A,B,C get any credit ?

I've checked FAQs and scanned this forum w/o finding this topic, though I'm certainly not the 1st - my apologies to anyone tired of hearing this asked.