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Recent posts by Jay Dilla

Joe Ess wrote:

Certainly. It sounds like there are some JavaScript variables that get overwritten if you have more than one instance of the tree on the page.

This is what i'm thinking. cm.render is a js method that's expecting a node array full of information about the tree/folders. After the tree gets built it must be getting called again with the null array passed. I guess my question is what could be calling the listener again? Basically what kind of string search should i do in my code base? The JEE 5 tutorial talks about custom tags and listener events but not in the context of Struts or interacting with JS (from what I can see). There is no page refresh going on as far as i know after the tree is built so it must be getting removed right after i step through it on the js side some how.

The person that built this is not here and the architect/only guy strong in JS on our team left right when I begun implementing this feature.
7 years ago
I'm new to struts and custom tags, but implemented a solution where right click options are added to folders in a tree. It's working in every part of the application that uses that tree except one , where the frame also holds another tree component.
I verified that the options are being added on tree construction but after the tree is constructed nothing happens when I right click, as if the option is being removed immediately after being added. I did debugged this in JS and it appears as if this snippet from a custom tag may be getting called twice :

This is the jsp code that triggers the custom tag call:

and this is the struts xml that places the right click component into the tree:

My question is how can i trace where the second call is coming from? I don't quite understand how the listener is being called. The inside of the cm.render method is null the second time around and the reason why my right click components are not present when i right click.
My theory is that node object is being reset when the 2nd tree (which doesn't have right click options) is being created in the frame.
Is there a possibility that this is an AJAX or JS issue? (I'm also green to those tech as well)
Any ideas?
7 years ago
Is there a way to achieve this without using the Printable interface? Have been stuck on this for a while.
8 years ago
O wow thanks. I'm coming from a JSF1.2/Tiles/JSP set up at work....looks like I need to review the changes in JSF2.0 a little more. Thanks!
9 years ago
Apache Tiles i guess?
I working with JSF 2.0 and Primefaces 3.5 would love if there were just some JSF templates out there for basic page orientation.
9 years ago
I have to unmarshal/marshal a lot of small XMLs, so I'm going to use JaxB. But getting the JAXBContext every time is going to be very expensive.

Instead of Caching through some kind of map I'm thinking of creating a bean for the JAXBContext initialization specifically, giving it singleton or prototype scope and then referencing that bean from the class that's going to manipulate the unmarshalled data. Different schemas could be passed each time so I guess I have to make it prototype scope actually.....

Does this make sense from a design perspective or is there a better way to do this?
9 years ago
I'm having an issue where content is being truncated when it hits the end of a line in the PDF. It's not wrapping(unless there is white space in the character string). I'm trying to come up with XSL logic that will check that an elements length does not exceed the width of the PDF....and if so insert white space so that it automatically wraps on to the next line. I'm unable to find a way to find what position I'm in in the PDF though(some fields might start in the middle of the page).

robin patel wrote:Where is this JDK usually defined?

Please go your WLS installation, search and open the file named "setDomainEnv.cmd/sh" depending upon your platform.

Normally located @ Domain_home>>bin>>setDomainEnv.cmd

Search for the string "JAVA_HOME" and look where does it points to. This will give you the location of your JDK.

Also, try keeping up the below settings
-Xms1280m -Xmx1280m -XX:PermSize=512m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m

Do let me know if you can being your instance up after this.


these steps are not working either
10 years ago
Fixed it. Issue was / vs \ in my build property file

wls.home = c/bea.... vs c\bea.....
10 years ago
I also see this in my build.xml when I load it in my IDE:

taskdef class weblogic.ant.taskdefs.j2ee.Appc cannot be found

i get that kind of error for each of the below lines

wls.libraries is set to the right path. why can't it find it?
10 years ago
I'm running a ant build on some files and I keep getting this error and can't figure out why. I've verified that weblogic.jar, wlclient.jar, and webservices.jar are all in the classpath
I've run the setEnv.cmd and it did nothing. I verified that my environment variables have the right JDK and ant version. Is there anything else I need to check here?

Also checked the build.xml itself to see what it was referencing and it's looking for the weblogic jars in the proper location.
I think I've had this happened before and was able to fix it but I don't remember what I did, anyone ever get this before and get rid of it? I'm guessing it's something in my set up since I got the project from off SVN and other people are able to compile using ant right out the box.

ant version is 1.7.1
jdk is 1.6.0_24 (required)
weblogic version is 10.3.4 (required)

10 years ago
yea saw i could use sleep still after i posted this....my bad!
10 years ago
What is the best approach to this?
Is it even possible?
I'm trying to find the sleep() implementation but now realizing it might not even be relevant if it's not a thread.
Are there any other java methods that pause action for a specified period of time?
10 years ago
I can't start my weblogic because of memory issues. I'm receiving the following error:

Couple of questions.
Where is this JDK usually defined?

I did a search in my WL installation folder and haven't found it (yet). I want to use the value set in my env. variables which is jdk1.6.0_24 (this is WL10.3.4 btw)
When I created my domain and adminServer I specified jdk 1.6_24.....

I increased the max memory to 1084

Thought this would solve my issues but it's not.

How can I get this instance to relaunch? Another domain i have set up is launching fine. I emptied out the tmp and cache folders in the adminserver folder as well.
Is there a fix for this? Or issue causing it?
10 years ago


Here are a few solutions that are a little more robust: http://shrubbery.mynetgear.net/c/display/W/Reading+Java-style+Properties+Files+with+Shell

this is not working for me
what type of shell does this work with?
10 years ago