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Recent posts by Pradyut Bhattacharya

I have made a mysql connection pool in glassfish.

After every 5 mins its giving this error although i can use the connection pool.

The mysql config file(my.ini) is

I m having an web application with few jar files namely:

first i could easily deploy the web application with the libraries without any problems
but for the second time i could not re deploy the application

i get the error:
Exception while loading the app : Error in linking security policy for void -- Inconsistent Module State

after renaming the jar files to _ wihtout the hyphen(-) i could deploy the application for the first time

but for the second time i could not re deploy the application

Now i consistently getting the error: -

Exception while loading the app : Error in linking security policy for void -- Inconsistent Module State
I think i will have fall back to glassfish 3.01 without the recent update

even doing this... deleting the _internal directory and restarting the server did not help

I have issued this in jira

and at glassfish forums

the log files say that:-

13 years ago
In mysql i m having a stored procedure which has a sql like:

I m using a jstl code to get the values: -

But this code does not return anything but when the replace the above code ${rows.i_firstname} with ${rows.firstname} i get the correct values.

Anything wrong with jstl, is this replicable or my fault here...

Question also posted here: -

13 years ago

How can i set automatic parsing delay in netbeans 6.8

I have a js file which is 1000+ lines and it takes 10s of continuous processing in my triple core 4gigs machine
before i can continue typing.

I found this blog but this is for ver 5.5

I have found clearing cache and restarting can speed up things...does that make any diff...

Please help

I have post a bug on netbeans bugzilla...
hope you guys contribute so that may be jsp/servlets containers can be done better in future
13 years ago
should i go for opening a glassfish issue/enhancement as jsp/servlets are here for less than a decade now... still a simple feature missing...
13 years ago
I have a JSP/Servlet web application deployed in Glassfish which is having a number of Servlets and huge class files.
When I make even minor changes in the Servlet or class file, then the whole web application gets re-deployed which takes considerable amount of time.
Not only that, all the JSPs and Servlets are unloaded from memory and upon being called it takes around 1 second for getting initialized.

This problem does not occur when I change code of JSP, JS or CSS files as only that particular file is re-deployed.

Can I do anything so that the Servlets or those huge class files are deployed separately
and thus I do not have to deploy the whole web application?
13 years ago
Hi i m having a text having multiple links wrapped inside text...

i want a regex(i m using javascript) which can parse the text and return a array of the links...

for example for the text...

the regex would parse the text and return a array of the links

i m trying to do so with the code...

but its not returning the appropriate results...

please help


I can write a ejb like this...

And call it using this from a servlet

But whenever i put a variable into newTest() i cannot access it

The servlet and EJB are both deployed but still the server gives the error

Any Help




I m able to get values using JPA when i have only mapped one table

Now when i have gone for mapping related tables i get the error

I m using [EclipseLink-0] (Eclipse Persistence Services - 2.0.1.v20100213-r6600)

In one of the child tables i have this code

What changes i have to do in this code to make the fields read-only

or are there any better workaround for not making these fields read only



no solution with admin console...

by using a filter and coding in that filter

request.getUrl and then parsing the url and redirecting appropriatly...


14 years ago

I want to set up a virtual server for subdomain

my domain is redirected from


using a virtual server whose default web module is
I have used the string "${com.sun.aas.hostName},"
in the hosts of the virtual server

now to the question
if someone enters ""
how can i redirect to

or "*"
redirects to*

14 years ago
I have a form realm authentication
with which i am securing a directory "secureUser"

well my question is: -
How i can redirect the user once logged in to the requested page

the details: -

now i can log on a user using this (login.jsp)

Now a user requests two or more pages in the same session browser (firefox/ie tabs)

Now the user gets a login form page thats login.jsp for all the three requested pages

The user authenticates into the page requested "secureUser/one.jsp"

Now if the user reloads the page "secureUser/two.jsp" or "secureUser/three.jsp" which is now showing login.jsp
he gets the same login.jsp page

How i can redirect the user after logging in once to the requested page
such that the page login.jsp after reloading goes to referred page

I can do this in the login.jsp page

but i cannot get the referred page such as two.jsp or three.jsp

14 years ago
the code should be....without any problems but can be good with a function static Transport getTransport() method

14 years ago
That solves it...

really i missed out a basic thing... although gave it a thought too....

anyways.... thanks a ton...


14 years ago