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Recent posts by shiva viswanathan

I suspected the same . Thanks Scott for the answer
18 years ago
Hi All ,

I need to display a Default Page something like "Site under Maintenance" whenever I bring down my Application Server ( WebSphere). Is there anyway I can do this in websphere considering the fact that the application server is down

Thanks in advance ,
18 years ago
HI Kerry

No it will not be on the server side . It will be on the client side itself

There will be a button on the page something like "Add Row" which the user can press to add another row of details .

Thus in my page i will dynamially create a new row which is possible using
javascript .

Only thing i have to make sure is that the new text boxes created have the correct name corresponding to the indexed property of the java bean so that the data can be transferred once the submit button is pressed

Hey , and good news .
Its working
I need some time to consolidate the complete code
I will then post it .

18 years ago
Hi Kerry

I have found a much better approach using indexed properties of javabeans
in struts.

Using this property it is possible to submit multiple instances of the same
actionform (ie multiple rows of data )in a single submit.

Will you know once I get the right procedure

18 years ago
Thanks a ton , Marc

Will give it a try and let you know if i solve the problem
18 years ago
Hi All,

Can some one give a complete example of using an indexed property in struts
for arraylists including struts-config

I am talking about a sceraio where we have submit data using html:text where each row in the table corresponds to 1 data entity

I have been trying this for the past 2 days at work and i am close to just
giving up ( i dont know what to do next )

I have searched on the net and on javaranch tried some code but no luck

Will be really grateful for any links or tips

Thanks a ton
18 years ago
HI Kerry / Merrill,

Thanks you very much for giving me some possible solutions

However , i want a solution which can be done without going back to the server

I want something if possible using javascript itself but to create struts elements dynamically .

Basically i dont want to go to server since the user has not committed the data until he creates all the table data and submits the form

18 years ago
Hi All,

I have a form bean EmployeeFormBean which contains the information for a particular employee .

In my JSP there is a table with variable no of rows each row representing one employee details

Using an "Add Row " button users can add a new row in the table and fill in the details of the employee.

After entring data for n no of employees in the table the form is submitted

My question , how do i transfer this information of a collection of employee
form beans.

I cant use nested beans since the no of rows in the table can be known only at run time and I need to create a new row each time the user presses "Add Row"

Currently I have only figured out how to dynamically create the table (using regular html elements not struts elements using functions like document.createElement ).
But even then how do i transfer this info to action class

Will be really grateful for any sort of hints/tips/solutions

18 years ago
Well done Adrian ,

My hearty congrats on getting such a great score
18 years ago
well done suman congrats

Hope you are celebrating your success now
18 years ago
I think pagerContext is right because using pageContext you
can store attributes in the application scope indirectly

hence even pageContext is a valid answer
Hi Raghavendra ,

Congrats on passing the exam with a good score

Hope you are celebrating now

Thanks a ton for the detailed tips which you have given which i think will be very useful for the exam

Really appreciate the effort taken by you in preparing these tips

Catch You Later,
18 years ago
Congrats Brian

Great score buddy :
Hearty congrats Lavanya

Now time to enjoy

Well done

Can you give us some tips for the exam.

Catch You Later