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Recent posts by Hussain Fakhruddin

when ever I access my application from localhost it works fi9


and when I specify my own ip instead of localhost it starts picking page from cashe, problems with session occur.

help needed urgently
14 years ago
Thankyou .... I have deleted the mail.
14 years ago
I have recieved a mail from from moosesaloon[at] with a subject "Status" Dated : Mon, 20 Feb 2006 with a garbage message and an attached ZIP file named "" ..... I want to know whether its a junk mail or an email from javaranch should I download this file or not ?
14 years ago
sorry people stupid question problem solved..
I trying to select 31 column in my table using select query but an exception is thrown

java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00904: "US"."BRANCH_ID": invalid identifier

i am able to select the 30 column but not the 31st or 32nd colum.
help needed, i have tried using Statment and prepared Statement both but its not working.

I won a Whizlab J2EE 484 simulator in september .... is there any chance I would recieve it .... I think it's just a software to download .. just curious.

Thanx in advance.
14 years ago

Originally posted by Macy Wong:
Besides those book lists on IBM site, is any study guide for this exam?

Bala Pranj Guide :

Originally posted by Scott Johnson:
Solution to question #2:

The 6 cuts divide the bar into 7 sections.

First break off a piece of the bar 1 section long. Next break off a piece 2 sections long.

You're left with three bars of 1 section, 2 sections and 4 sections.

On the first day give the employee bar 1.

On the second day, the employee gives back bar 1 and you give him bar 2.

On the third day, you give the employee bar 1.

On the fourth day, the employee gives back bars 1 and 2 and you give him bar 4.

On the fifth day, you give the employee bar 1.

On the sixth day, the employee gives back bar 1 and you give him bar 2.

On the seventh day, you give the employee bar 1.

[ October 20, 2005: Message edited by: Scott Johnson ]

u got it right .....
14 years ago
These 2 question were asked from me in the interview.

question 1 : how to detect that an input number is a prime or not

I knew the ans.

question 2 : you have a GOLD bar which has six cuts on it i.e you can break the from these cuts .... now consider ur self a boss you need to give your employee single piece a day but u can only break the bar twice in a week ... how will you do it.

was unable to answer at that time but as I left the interview room the solution to the prob just jumped into my mind

Try to solve .... if u can't then i'll post the answers.
14 years ago

Originally posted by Gregg Bolinger:
The September 27th promotion, J2EE 484 Exam Simulator, is on schedule so be sure and check it out next Tuesday and watch for the E-Mail if you are subscribed.

What is the true email add for book promotion ... bookpromotion AT javaranch DOT com or bookpromotions AT javaranch DOT com the one mentioned on the bookpromotion page is bookpromotion and the one Gregg metioned for J2EE 484 Exam Simulator winner was bookpromotions. I'am one of the winner of simulator and I sent my mail on bookpromotions and want to know if there are any updates on it.

No regrets just curious.
[ October 16, 2005: Message edited by: Hussain Fakhruddin ]
14 years ago
Nop ... there aren't any Prerequisites .... I hope you got my mail too.