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Recent posts by Karthik Rajendiran

We have in our application for

It is returning 0 and data is not getting reflected in Database.

Microsoft Sql server 2012  + Hibernate 3.0 + jboss 7 + jdk 1.8
Driver used is Microsoft Driver.
We have an issue in application which was working in tomcat. It is  AuthController application [using spring security, spring security oauth library] found to work ing tomcat
but deployed in weblogic, the
public class AuthorizationServerConfiguration extends AuthorizationServerConfigurerAdapter
public void configure(AuthorizationServerEndpointsConfigurer endpoints) is not getting invoked, but this gets invoked automaticlaly in tomcat

We tried putting a sample app with PostConstruct annotation to test for dependency injection, sample is working. is there any other issue . Please guide uson how we can debug this issue
2 years ago
New Session Id Created in Cluster during Peak Issue.  
We have Apache web-server load balanced front ending weblogic server. During Peak Load, we are getting session id is getting created
in jSessionId  in response header.

We have our application with web.xml compliying to 2.3 dtd. will that be too issue?
Can you throw some troubleshooting steps for this.
2 years ago
Dear Team,

We have a application which is socketChannel Client connects to the server with a single connection. Sending the ISO Transaction request to the server.
Client sends Echo messages at freq interval to the ISO Switch, similarly Server can also send Echo Requests to the client.

In production, we could see lot of messages are not read by client , but in TCPDUMP, it shows server sent the rquest and reached the client.

We have a problem related to packets getting not read by a socketchannel client, where as server responded back to us with response

Please find the code for the socketchannel read [ We are using Blocking Mode]. Kindly suggest the way to tune the code.

Hello Team,

HTTPSession Id is not returning new ids and try to reuse the same ids inspite of calling getSession(true)
on high load times.

5 years ago
Hello All,

Wrt to the contentlength, we are setting setContentLength in our application and it is always going as chunked in transfer encoding.
We have two servlet, It is working in one and other it is not working.

DO content Type has any direct relation to contentLength

response.setContentType("text/xml") works fine
response.setContentType("text/html") not working.

Do we have to set anything injboss server level

Content Length was only 157 bytes
5 years ago
Hello Team,
Since a long time, i posted to this forum, We have one design issue in our application

1. Our application has to interface with third party webservices for a functionality [ lets say find Employee details]
2. WSDL is shared

Before going for the approach, we would like to see if we can build a generic solution
Option 1
going for Wsdl2 java stub based approach, but if schema of WSDL changes, we need to regenerate, recompile
Option 2
Going for the xml construction and use Saaj Api wrap the xml with soap
Option 3
Going for the java to xml - Jaxb and attach the SOAP + XML generated from JAXB
Option 4
is there any middleware approch to be gone

a. We should have very limited change, even wsdl changes
b. Efficient way to maintain the code oop way

Kindly suggest what design pattrerns to use

a. Jboss 4.2

5 years ago
Hello Sir/madam

Wrt to the socketChannel, we have been facing recently a peculiar issue.
Our Application is a client, which sends request to the thirdparty system transaction Request via socket
the application is in live and it was working perfectly. but recently we face issue

a. We are able to send request to the Server
b. They are able to process request and while sending response, they are flusing and get, client has closed the connection.

a. For some transaction -Balance we are able to process response immediately
b. For some, we are getting this issue when server Application trying to write to our client.

Please find the code

Socket creation code

What could be the issue for
Is it soTimeout, causing the issue 30 sec, post which server is not able to write the date

Currently Server team is saying, while sending response flush, they are getting client has closed the socket

Kindly help us with the solution.

a. We need to interface with socket Listening System, Lets say that system name is XYZ
Our application is Insta
-Our Insta System needs a Echo Msg, Logon Message in a format to be sent to it [ ISO 8583] to XYZ in frequent intervals
- Our insta system also will send transaction procesing request ot the XYZ in socket

In the same way, XYZ system equally sends us the Echo <logon for which our system has to respond back.

a. Our System should be designed to connect to SUch XYZ systems in future
Scenario 1
- XYZ - supports single connection only through which it will send and receive . only one connection and should support more txns per second
can we use single connection to send and receive at the same time
scenario 2
- Send using one IP Port and receive Using different IP and Port

Scenario 3
- Multiple Connections to same Ip and Port - by connection Pooling

Which is the best and efficient way for more tps and how should we start with it. Can anybody throw some light on the same.

We are facing an issue of multiple session ids cookie being sent in response from server

During Login flow, we have this following steps
a.welcome.jsp - we invalidate the session here , a session created by Jsp is invalided
b. startAction - struts action, we invalidate [ as struts is create on session in invalidated]
and new session we are creating

In our Scenarion, we get Two Jsession Id returned with different Id's Old one which is already invalidated and new session id.

How an invalidated session id is being returned in jsession id cookie.
5 years ago
Hello All,

We have an application j2ee , which has socketClient utility communicating to the legacy system sending byte of data
and reading the data

We face a latency in reading the response.

a. We wrote a standalone and tried, the legacy system is responding in 1 or 2s and we are processing immediately
where as
the same request when hit from a servlet or application, it is sending correctly, but response reading takes time.

How to analysis or trouble shoot

A. Jboss 4..0.5 GA
Socket - Plain SocketClient . java.net.Socket

6 years ago
Hello Everyone,

In our project, we have application which sends the business request msg to a Thirdparty application via tcp sockets.
Previously, the vendor were using plain TCp and we were using SocketChannel to write to the server

Now, the vendor has implemented TLS/SSL in their side, and we have to move to SSL for socketchannel

Can anyone guide us in the steps for the same?

Karthik Rajendiran
Can you suggest a way to get the Modulus and exponent. as we have done
this logic in many areas of applicable it is not possible to change in all places
and moreover it is a product working in other infrastructure and failing only in IBM JDK
7 years ago
Dear Sir/Madam

We have a J2ee Application , kind of product.
Initially designed for a customer, now the product is asked by different customer, each have their own small customizations.

Developers have put If(Conditions) in the code for the customer, but we feel ,we need to arrive at a design pattern or kind of design
to cater to different customers and at the same time maintain the product in long time

a. For Functioanlity we have interfaces and each customer specific thing in different Implementation classes
Option 2

Can anyone suggest best practices in design patterns.
7 years ago
Can you tell us, what is that HSM in detail
Is it a JDK Bug in AIX?
7 years ago