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Recent posts by Sahir Shibley

Hi Jim , Hi Map. Good to see you guys going strong with 16K and 10K posts each. The negative growth thing is going so well that I am underground most of the time

Not back to stay. I haven't used Java for more than 5 years. Was suddenly reminded of Javaranch and just popped in to say hello.
[ October 29, 2006: Message edited by: Sahir Shibley ]
17 years ago
I am back after a long time. Older and hopefully wiser. How's it going in Javaranch ?
17 years ago
the champions of democracy who try to undermine the communist influence often overlook an important fact. the mainstream communist parties are about as left wing in ideology as the democrats (in the u.s.a.). perhaps that sort of thing is ok for us but not ok for the third world.
19 years ago
CPI(M) is commonly referred to as CPM. Perhaps you are thinking of the radical left CPI(Marxist Leninist). Now a spent force in Kerala but still active in places like Andhra. The then CPI(M) government of Kerala played an active part in stamping out the M.L. faction.
19 years ago

Originally posted by Paul McKenna:

I for one am glad that such nonsense cant happen in other nations. :roll:

C.V. Devan Nair ex- president of Singapore is of Indian Origin

S.R. Nathan current president of Singapore is of Indian Origin

Sir Anerood Jugnauth president of Mauritius is of Indian Origin .

Alberto Fujimori is Japanese.
19 years ago
Creating an algorithm for TSP will make you rich and famous. Unfortunately there is no nobel prize for Mathematics or else you would be a Nobel laureate too.
19 years ago
Speaking of Cuba, does anyone know why Cuban cigars are so expensive ?
19 years ago
is flat.
20 years ago
We are trying to correct the problem.
Maybe the first post was a pro-outsourcing message.
The root cause is poverty.
Outsourcing brings money to poor countries such as India.
Money is a good remedy for poverty.
[ June 02, 2003: Message edited by: Sahir Shibley ]
20 years ago
He seems to have been influenced by Kafura.
Kafura goes on to say "An association among objects is created when an object contains references or pointers to other objects."
That statement seems to imply that association is a relationship between the class and it's public data member ???
I think he means that aggregation and association are two kinds of Composition.
Mr. Karamchand,
I noticed that this thread was moved here from MD.
What is the objective of this question ?
And why are you using a fake name in the OOP forum ?

Originally posted by Jim Yingst:
Personally I would require a member number of 300 or less

I would settle for 800 or less
20 years ago
I thought Eugene's message was a warning about "conduct unbecoming a developer".
This thread was not intended to be a discussion about Javaranch.
Someone hijacked it halfway through. How does that make it eligible to be locked
and moved to another forum ?

Re closing of MD. I am sure the entire developer community is suitably cowed by
that threat.

[ April 06, 2003: Message edited by: Sahir Shibley ]
21 years ago
There are other ways to improve a relationship
21 years ago