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Recent posts by Matt Henderson

Hey Bert,

Have you ever thought of updating the Head First Java book to expand on those 10 areas you were not able to at the end of the book? I figure if you did then it would complete it as a stepping stone to go for your certification book in the SCJP....
I'm psychic what do you know. I love the java programming language but it takes longer for me to understand then others.. it gets frustrating but eventually I get around to understanding it....... I don't want to do the exam and then lose points cuz i overlooked the whole hex-octal stuff which I'm sure they will ask....
If I bought you a beer for how you have opened up my hard head I would be broke! Thank you so much for breaking it down. I truly appreciate your help in this matter.

This message is for Corey;

Your page really helped me out. My stumbling block is on page 2 where I don't understand how you arrive to those numbers. My apologies if it takes me longer to understand You said the following on Page 2

This is the section in Page 2 talking about shortcuts to convert from one base to another.
Let's look at a couple of examples
Let's convert 0723 (octal) to binary
7 2 3
111 010 011
The octal value 0723 is equivalent to the binary value of 111010011. If you could furhter explain what process you did to convert it I would appreciate it.

Hey Bert,

My sincere appreciation for publishing books that the public has wanted all along. My question is this: are you guys using Struts as the focal point to tie all of the issues related to the certification? I think its good that you've done that.
Look at it this way. What kind of a company will totally disregard you just because you didn't respond in a fraction of a second that they required? Most likely your next job will probably be one that you liked, and then you will probably thank that person for disqualifying you. Those are typical companies that don't look at the big picture..........

All the best......
Thank you both. You have now un-locked my brain. I really do appreciate it. I guess there is hope for every type of programmer Thanks once again.
I'm more of a knucklehead because programming takes longer to register for me so please be patient if the following question is so easy for those java masters.

In K&B Study book they say the following
class HexTest{
public static void main (String[]args){
int x = 0X0001;
int z = OxDeadCafe;
System.out.println("x = " + x + " y= " + y + " z = " + z);
They say when you run HexTest it produced the following output:
x = 1 y = 2147483657 z = -559035640

My problem is that I am having a hard time understanding how they do the conversion (i.e. how do you get 0x0001 = 1?) and was wondering if anyone could help or direct me to sites where they explain how the conversion is done. Any help would be appreciated.
Hi All,

For those who have studied the K&B Cert book, have you found those Exam Watch! Tips very useful in relation to the exam in general? Just wondering.... Thanks...