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Recent posts by Giovanni De Stefano

Hello Ahmed,

Thanks! I bought it from the Amazon Germany.

I am eager to start studying from it!

Scott Selikoff wrote:
Lastly, Jeanne and I updated our OCP 8 book right before it went to print to include a 50+ page appendix for those taking the 1Z0-813 upgrade exam. In short, there are topics on this exam, not found on the full exam. Some make sense (they are on the OCA 8 exam)... some do not (they are on the OCP 7 exam but not the OCA/OCP 8 exams).

I usually buy tech books on either Amazon France FR or Germany DE (I live in Belgium). For your book I see that Amazon reports a different number of pages (696 in FR and 720 in DE) and a different publication date (January 12th 2016 in FR and January 1st 2016 in DE).

Those are the 2 links, which one should I buy? I just need to make sure I get all info on 1Z1-813.

Hello Amhed,

I just created a Service Request through the Oracle Certification Program (OCP) Support Form.

I noticed a "SunWin# 123456" identifier at the bottom right corner of the paper certificate: I included this in the ticket.


Hello Scott,

My mum found the paper certificate, it looks a lot like this one that I have found on the net:

As you can see there is no id :-(

I will try asking Oracle Certview never know.

If I manage to get my certificate show up on Certview, I will go for 1Z0-813 OCP 8 Upgrade exam.
Do you think this (your) book will be enough? OCP: Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 8 Programmer II Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-809

I just checked my dear Gmail account and I can see emails all the way back to it looks like I deleted emails older than that...

But I will definitely keep your advice in mind in case I find the paper certificate.
Hello Scott,

Thank you very much for your clarification.

I could log in but there is no trace of my SCJP 1.4 certification...not that I could find anyway...

I will continue studying for OCA and in the meantime perhaps I will even find my old certificate (my mum perhaps has it :-)).

Thanks again!
Hello guys,

I hold a SCJP 1.4 (yes I am that old...) and I would really like to freshen up my skills and certifications.
My goal is to pass Exam 1Z0-809 (OCP 8).

I understand that I can sit for this exam directly as I have already an older certification, is this correct?
What do I need to provide as proof of my older certification? Or does Oracle already know?
Considering I passed SCJP 1.4 in 2004, I have no idea where I put my certificate... :-(

My strategy at the moment is to go through both books:
OCA: Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-808 (in progress)
OCP: Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 8 Programmer II Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-809 (yet to buy)

And after I am done with them practice as many mock exams I can find.

Do you think this approach is efficient? Is there anything else you would recommend?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hello all,

I am building a Spring Boot application that needs to provide search functionalities.

I am using spring-data-elasticsearch for the search client part, but I still depend on an external elasticsearch engine.

The application itself and the elastic search engine are deployed on the same server (the application is accessible via a web interface).

I would like to integrate/embed the elastic search engine directly into my application: how do you suggest to do that?
I have found this and I will give it a shot in the next couple of days. Do you have any experience with this project? Or do you know alternatives?

Please note that I am looking for a production setup not an integration testing setup (that is I cannot rely for example on a maven task that starts-up the engine before integration tests).

On a side note, I could use Solr instead, but the one fat application requirement is still valid.

Any suggestion is well appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

8 years ago
It looks like the answer is in using the extractor pattern as described here.

In my case I had to:

initialise the observable list as
Where the Category model contains
9 years ago
Hello there,
I have a ListView declared in a controller:

An Edit button whose action is linked to:

mainApp.showCategoryEditDialog receives the actual selectedCategory and the Dialog updates it as follow:

Of course setCategoryName uses the actual property (SimpleStringProperty) to update its content
Now, after closing the dialog, the focus returns to the categoryList but the content is still the old one.
If I select the same category and click edit again, the dialog shows the new (previously edited) value.
As another test I added

And the result is that the selectedCategory is added AND the categoryList is "refreshed" that is the edited value is properly displayed.
Now my expected behaviour is that updating the underlining category object should have triggered a kind of "refresh" of the categoryList.
Is my expectation wrong or am I updating the categoryList in the wrong way?
Thanks a lot for any feedback you might have!

9 years ago
Hello all,
I wasn't sure whether to post here or in the Swing area...but here it is my question:

Is Griffon a good choice in 2015?

I would like to build a desktop application, possibly using Java in both front-end and back-end.
Groovy is not a problem (I used it in the past and I loved it :-)). It makes the code concise and connecting to DBs is super easy...

I would like to exclude Swing/JavaFx as they are: I would rather have an MVC framework that facilitates (and reinforces) separation of concerns.
At the moment I am evaluating Grails vs Griffon.

Grails 3 seems cool as it is based on Spring Boot, although I am not sure whether GSP is the right choice for a desktop UI where I expect to have a bunch of Tables resembling Excel.
Griffon seems nice as it simplifies the Swing part, but I struggle to find decent (and recent!) documentation.

In your experience, and preferring java only technologies (that is no JavaScript), would you recommend in 2015 Griffon or Grails? Or should I stick with JavaFx (that I don't like that much...most likely because I don't know that much).

Any thought?

9 years ago
Hello again John,

you are a rock star ! :-)

I started development of the backend (Spring Boot, JPA, REST) and at the same time I am almost half way through "Apress JavaFX 8 Introduction by Example 2nd edition".

Your help is very much appreciated!

Thanks again!

9 years ago
Hello John,

Thank you so much for your detailed reply!

I will certainly investigate all the options you proposed :-) I have a long weekend ahead of me :-)

9 years ago
Hello all,

I have a design question.

Let's say that my desktop application needs to do a lot of backend operations: reading and writing towards DB or web services, sending emails, execute scheduled operations, etc.

Most of these operations shall be controlled through the JaxaFX GUI.

Now the design questions: how do you recommend to wire the front-end with the backend?

1) split the desktop application in two separate components: backend (local) server, and JavaFX front-end and have the two communicate through (local) HTTP calls (integrating for example an HTTP client in the JavaFX GUI)
2) use only JavaFX for both the GUI and its Task/Service concurrent classes to trigger the (spring) services that implement the "backend operations"

Coming from years of Web Development, I tend to think as 1) :-) Especially because I think that if one day I have to write a Web GUI for the same functionalities, I would have a huge chunk of the work already done...

I hope the situation is clear and that it triggers your curiosity :-)

Any thought is very much appreciated!

I look forward to hearing from you.

9 years ago
The standalone app will need to connect to a couple of DBs, show tables, and most likely some graphs.

Is JavaFX still a good choice for this scenario?
9 years ago