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Recent posts by Victor Htet

Hi all,

I am having a strange problem. I've a MDB with Bean-managed Tx and I am also using Spring + Hibernate with WebLogicJtaTransactionManager configured as TransactionManager for Spring TransactionProxyFactoryBean.

UserTransaction is begun and committed in onMessage function. The strange behaviour happened when two messages came in very very close (just 50ms).

First message was handled by MDB 1 and second was handled by MDB 2 (Both MDB's were instantiated from same class).

Since two messages came in very very close, when MDB 1's Tx is committed, MDB 2's Tx is still work in progress. But to my surprise, part of MDB 2's insert statements were committed by MDB 1's Tx commit action.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on?

Thanks in advance.
13 years ago
Hi all BEA lovers,

I'd like to have as much information as I can get from you kind people to write a paper on BEA vs. IBM.
I am really impressed with WebLogic and JRockit performance but my company has been using IBM for long. I've to convince my boss to migrate to BEA and I need some benchmarks, comparisons against IBM.

Thanks in advance.
14 years ago
Is JSP 2.0 mandatory requirement for JSF 1.1?
Is it possible to use JSP 1.2 with JSF 1.1?

Still learning JSF
15 years ago
Please refer this link
You may have to buy RMH's book.
All others are FOC.


16 years ago
thanks to everyone in SCDJWS cert. exam forum and result forum.

it took me about 6 weeks to prepare. RMH's book, Blueprint, JWSDP tutorial and MZ guide are more than enough.

I would say we don't need exam cram for this cert.

many security and JAXR questions were seen. Blueprint is a must-read for Architecture related questions. It may be difficult if you don't read Blueprint for design topics.

if you know the purpose and benefit of each Security terminology like SAML, it is enough for the Exam.

16 years ago
I think JAXR API for UDDI, JAXR to UDDI objects mapping should be enough for the exam. Overview knowledge of UDDI objects and functions is better.

SAAJ is much simpler to learn if you learn with RMH's book class hierarchy diagrams.

API's are not that much complex compared to JAXR api's. I would pay more attention to JAX-RPC and web services standards as they take more objectives than other topics. but it is IMHO.
i think it's because of limited study resources and there hasn't been any direct exam study guide for scdjws. Exam Simulators are still being implemented.

I guess that may be the reason why we don't have as many scdjws as scwcd/scbcd.

And according to my scwcd experience, scdjws is more difficult to prepare - more things and std.s to absorb.
i m just preparing for my exam obj 6.1.
didn't mean it is mandatory.

this thread suggests it might be asked.

better to know which APIs are suitable for ebXML in addition to the exam obj.
[ May 21, 2005: Message edited by: Victor Htet ]
level 1 JAXR api is for ebXML registry type while level 0 is for UDDI.

exam obj 6.1 says we should know two levels of JAXR api. So I guess we might be given a function name and decide whether it is a level 1 or 0 API.

That's why I took the liberty of collecting level 1 APIs so that at least we are exposed to them in one list.

one thread in this forum said the exam asked a question like this.
send me the PM if u want level 1 only API function list.
this is because i can't attach the file in the post.
Thanks MZ. Your site and notes are wonderful.

MSDN site has good diagrams for UDDI models.

viewing with IE is the best to surf MSDN site.
uddi programming via JAXR is easier than understanding uddi soap messages
thank you mates.
how much level of detail of UDDI 2.0 and API's do we have to know for the exam??

examples in RMH book look very complex.