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Find: Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple
17 years ago

a amistad
b being jon malkovitch
c corrina, corrina
d don juan deMarco
e Edward scissorhands
f finding nemo
g gone with the wind
h home alone
i Indiana Jones and the last crusade
j Jaws
k kiss the girls
l life or something like it
m mystic river
n nottinghill
o ocean's eleven
p pirates of the caribbean:curse of the black pearl
r romancing the stone
s something's gotta give
t thirteen monkeys
u unforgiven
v vertical limit
w what lies beneath
y you only live twice

Edit: took me more than 60 seconds....
[ November 02, 2005: Message edited by: kayal cox ]
17 years ago
Kayal - One whose eyes are beautiful (Tamil, from kayalvizhi)
Cox - the helmsman of a boat
17 years ago
I *shrug* have lied many times. I am not proud of the fact, but all I can say in defense was that I lied to help someone out, or I lied to make a situation better. It might have been better to tell the truth, I think I would rather be a liar than hurt someone (unncessarily) with brutal honesty.

The last big lie I told was to my aunt when I called her at work to inform that her husband was sick and admitted in a hospital. I did not tell her that he died on the spot from the road accident, because she has to drive almost an hour and half to get to the hospital.
17 years ago
I was wondering, is it so very bad to recycle gifts received?

We had a housewarming party some time ago, and now we are stuck with boxes and boxes of crockery, clocks etc, that came to us without a gift receipt. They are indeed nice gifts, ones that we might have used if not for the fact that we already have so much stuff...

Is it really awful if we gift these away to our friends?
17 years ago

Originally posted by fred rosenberger:

as an undergraduate, i took an anthropology class. we read an article called Shakespeare in the Bush

LOL.. that was so endearingly funny!
17 years ago

Originally posted by Luke Kolin:

And kayal, wether you enter on an H-1 (or an O-1) has nothing to do with it.

Ah. I see.
17 years ago

Originally posted by ab parashar:

even if you were a Nobel prize winner....you would still be relegated to retrogression....

If I were a Nobel prize winner, I wouldn't have to come in through a H1 at all
17 years ago

Originally posted by Mark Herschberg:

I want people to come here and try for greencards. I also don't want just anyone to get it. I want the US to get the best and the brightest. I don't want it to be a trivial process.


Except that the chances of one getting a GC is not based on whether they are the best and brightest. How I wish it were that way

But now, it is merely the roll of dice. Well deserving people (me ) have been waiting with a backlogged status for more than two years now!!
17 years ago
The only time I ever ate anything similar to authentic Tamilian food was at Saravana Bhavan when I was visiting Bay Area.

I was very happy to have the waiter talk to me in Tamil, and when we ordered Medhu vada, he said "Vada kaalaila potathunga. Crisp-a irukathu. Naan vaera item suggest pannatuma?" (The vada was made in the morning. It won't be crisp. May I suggest some other item?)
17 years ago
While curd rice in its most basic form is just soft rice with curds and salt, there are more richer versions of it that just leaves you wanting more

Here is one such recipe
17 years ago

Originally posted by Paul Bourdeaux:
There is a new restaurant opening up in my city boasting "Authentic Indian Cuisine." If they have Curd Rice, should I give it a try?

I distrust Indian restaurants in the US, because the food, 99 times out of 100 is Americanized.

But curd rice is easy enough to make, so maybe it won't be too messed up. And you should have it with pickles (not the vineger soaked stuff, but Indian pickles). I love curd rice, could go on and on about it...
[ October 14, 2005: Message edited by: kayal cox ]
17 years ago
Hi there, hello. I thought I should tell you, it is okay to fake names, as long as they sound real

And oh, I don't live in Sacramento. But good luck with your networking!
17 years ago
You can try weight watchers. I tried following their points system, combining it with 30 minutes of vigorous walking 5 days a week, and was able to lose one pound per week (lost 18 pounds overall). And I have managed to keep it off now for more than 7 months. And the best thing is, I have developer wiser eating habits now!!
[ October 11, 2005: Message edited by: kayal cox ]
17 years ago
I can sort of understand what Adrian is getting at. Cricket matches between India and Pakistan are almost like a war
And since, victories and failures mostly alternate, the venting kinda balances out.
17 years ago