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Hello All,

I have taken all the three parts and today I just found the following in the test history at

Test: Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE 5, Part 3 (310-062)
Grade: P
Score: 0
Comment: n/a

Does that mean I passed?


Hello All,

Are there any way to configure Weblogic 10 to run inside the workshop platform?
Every time I run the application server, a new windows is created (which is the result of the script running process), so I'd like to see the app server logs in a eclipse view instead of in a new window.

Any ideas?

12 years ago
My mainly concern is what IBM will do with Sun's technology (Java, Solaris, ...)
12 years ago
My mainly concern is what they will do with the technology...
... and answering your question Load Balancing is the ability to split a load in the same destination into different nodes (servers) in a Cluster.

It is a huge subject but in a nutshell clustering is the ability to increase computing power (throughput) by adding nodes into the cluster. Failover is the ability to detect a failure in an application component and switch to another working component without losing the application functionality.
IMHO both of them are intrinsic with each other because failover depends on a cluster environment to get the ability to choose another node to replace and existing one which has failed.

I felt the same according with the Post Request for Parts use case description.

Hello ranchers,

How long does it take to get the final results after taking the essay exam?


Excellent achievement!!!


You can use joinColumn to define a join column in the table that references the primary key of the associated table.
PrimaryKeyJoinColumn is a little diferent and much easier when the primary key of the related entities are identical, so you do not need to specify a join column.

Congrats Amir!

Which EJB version is used in the first part of exam?
When the new exam version will be launched?
How many time did you spend for the first part of exam?
Do you have any previous experience with the sections covered in the exam?

Thanks in advanced!
Hi Ziji,

I used RMI in my implementation.
At my service implementation, I created a method to provide a new instance of Database services to the client, so each client invoking this method before calling database services, get a brand new database service, so each client will have an exclusive instance of database implementation. I used the database instance to identify the client.

I recommend Andrew's book! It help me a lot!

Best regards,
14 years ago
Hi Ken,

I do not have cookies in my assignment.

14 years ago