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Recent posts by Alberto Justo

Hola amigo,

I agree with everything what Terry said, if you want pass with honor the SCWCD 1.4, the best existing book is the one of Kathy and Bert. Nevertheless in my case, as surely it will be yours, i could not wait for the book HF Servlet, becouse in my job they demanded to me to obtain the certification SCWCD 1.4 this week. Reason why, i was studying based in the Hanumant book.

I think that if you will study by the Hanumant book, you have to make an additional effort to prepare for the SCWCD 1.4, but as it says the proverb "If the mountain does not come to mahoma, then mahoma shall go to the mountain". But sincerely I think that the Hanumant book it help you in 70~80 % for the exam. And in this percent i assure to you that you will have to make exercises on a compliant J2ee conteiner like Tomcat 5.0 and will have to check in the specification if everything what Hanumant says is correct. For instance:

Filters it is a subject that SCWCD 1.4 check, but Hanumant dont talk about this, only because Hanumant think that it is important in the last chapter talk about this.

Another example, Hanumant dont mention anything about the attribute isELIgnore for the page directive of a JSP, because in the SCWCD 1.3 dont cover the Expresion Language

Another example, Hanumant explain that the container make a implicit mapping whit all servlet through the servlet path "/servlet" in a web application. In Servlet2.4 always have to make a explicit mapping.

And like that, exists another more few concepts. This weekend im try to make a document in order to summarize concepts that i found in Hanumant book that no longer they apply for the SCWCD 1.4.

In reference to the difficulty of the exams, I consider the SCJP the most difficult examn of all, due to the many tricks that can be obtained with the syntax and semantics of the language. The other certifications like SCWCD i think it is more memorization of an API and you have to probe that you know the rules associated whit these API's. Reason why, i think it is more easy, and it's better for people than they have good memory (not my case ). It is said that SCWCD 1.4 is more difficult than SCWCD 1.3, I believe that it is because they added these new concepts like Expresion Languages, Tag Files or JSTL, but the part of Servlet, WebApplication, Sessions, Security, JSP Pages, is almost the same. Reason why, most of questions that you obtain in Mocks Exams 1.3 it work for practice.

Greetings from Caracas...
Look in the next link, it has around 10 links in Free Mock Exams

JDiscuss Links
Hola amigo, i studied by this book and i think that all chapters are necessary. Because the book is based on the specifications of Servlet 2.3 and JSP 1.2 i recommend you to download and print the last specifications of Servlet 2.4 and Jsp2.0

I tell you how i studied, i read each chapter of Hanumant and complemented them with all interesting information related to that chapter that i could get from the specification.Additionally, i designed a type of study guide , like a blog of SCWCD about all conclusions that i obtained by chapter, which I'm going to have available in some days, but the only problem is that it is in Spanish. Who wants to learn Spanish and SCWCD, could contribute in the translation.

A point important to remark on this book, like it is based on the previous specifications, does not include the following subjects: Expresion Language, JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library, Simple Tag Event Model and Tag Files. I took the exam yesterday and i tell you that about 20 questions they were on the previous subjects, the other 49 questions with the book of Hanumant and the specification is enough. (By the way, i got 86% )

In order to summarize, these were the resources that i used:

1. Book of Hanumant Deshmukh ( I got it digitally in the dark side of Intenet, i dont want to promote the piracy, but in Venezuela it is too difficult buy this kind of books)

2. Servlet Specification 2.4

3. JSP Specification 2.0

4. A study guide for backup by Mikalai Zaikin
Study guide by Mikalay

5. This address, in where it talks on EL, Simple Tag and Tag FIles
The J2EE Tutorial

6. Our friend Kathy Sierra, share one chapter (Simple Tags and Tags Files) of which surely it will be the best book for this certification
Chapter 10 HF Servlets

7. JSTL 1.1 - Only the portion of the JSTL Core
JSTL 1.1

8- E-book by Jaison Falkner (although he says some crazy concepts in his book, help me to understand some points)
Ebook by Jaison Falkner

9 - Mock Exam Free. I recommend you the next ones

By JavaRanch

By JDiscuss By the way incredibly some questions appeared in the real examination, still I don't believe it)

By Eduardo Cobian

By Anand Chawlas

All got it by the almighty internet.

I hope that it serves you, greeting from Caracas...

Alberto Justo (SCJP 1.4 | SCWCD 1.4 | SCDJWS in Progress...)

Originally posted by raju srinivasa:
Hi all,

I have doubt regarding the default body-content for SimpleTag . As per my understanding I am thinking that "scriptless" is the default value for body-content for SimpleTag and "JSP" is the default value for ClassicTag. Am I right ?

So does that mean default body-content type for SimpleTag is JSP ??

Actually, i think that the default body-content type in a Tag Library Descriptor is 'JSP', the container does not check if is SimpleTag or Tag

If you use tag files, the directive <%@ tag %> has the attribute body-content, and in this case the default it is 'scriptless'
Hi, in my weekend i found this interesting free e-book in TheServerSide.COM, and it helped me to understand the previous subject like EL, JSTL, Simple Tag Event Model and Tag Files.

Jaison Falkner Book

I hope that it serves you ...
Hi friends, first sorry for my english, i write from Venezuela

I have been waiting with impatience ( ) during the last two months for the publication of the book HF Servlet, but to fulfill some requirements in my work, I must be certified SCWCD 1.4 for the next week. Reason why during the last two months I was studying by the excellent book of Hanumant Deshmukh and by the specifications of Servlet2.4 and JSP2.0.

Because in the Study Kit of Hanumant do not appear very important points for SCWCD 1.4, I want to ask to this great community where it could obtain some good articles that speak on following subjects

1.- Expresion Language
2.- Simple Tag Even Model
3.- Tag Files Model

It would be excellent that Bert and Kathy could publish the content of their book on some of the previous points, I believe that the community would thank you a lot,,

Additionally, those that took the examination of SCWCD 1.4, i wish to ask if they found questions based on the following classes


Thank you very much... and greetings from Caracas