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i guess it can. I just tried cause I was wondering. It tries to connect to setup some connection to a DB, but it will open the html file.
15 years ago
What is the difference between getRuntime().exec("my command") and executing "my command" from a regular command prompt?

I'm trying to open ms access with a specific file, which I can do a few different ways from a command prompt, but I keep getting a warning when I try to do this from java that Access can't open it. Any suggestions?

exact warning - Ms Access is unable to open the data access page. The file you attempted to load was not recognized as HTML....

It can find the file. If I use an incorrect name it gives me a different warning.
15 years ago
I've written a program that uses the javax.mail jar to send email. The program works fine on my desktop computer - but when moved to another station, the Transport.send() method throws an Unsupported Type Exception. Saying therei s no DCH object for my MIME object.
I've seen several posts around with similar problems - the only suggestions are to check the class path. I'm using a jar with all of my mail jars inside, so I don't do any class path setting.
Does anyone know of any hardware problems that could cause this? I was able to open outlook on the other station and send a message.
Here is a cropped portion of the code...

15 years ago
I looked into it a little more and we are in fact using a DBISAM database. I set it up with an odbc driver and everything worked very well. Thanks for the help and sorry about the vagueness.

The odbc driver seemed much easier to set up - whats the benefit of using jtds? (if that makes sense) Thanks again everyone.
Ok, the dat file isn't the database or what I'm trying to access now. The tracker program accesses a database server named DBSIAMTB. I'm using the jtds driver, but I can't connect to the database. I keep getting connections refused. Heres my code...

I'm going to try getting at it with the Enterprise Manager as you suggested, however in the end I have to be able to access this from java. Thanks.
[ May 27, 2005: Message edited by: Rich Stepanski ]
We have a satelite tracking program through our cell phone company that produces a dat file containing all unit locations. The only description on the file was I was given was that it used ms sql.
So I'm assuming its not an sql server? Objects do get inserted into it, but I can't do it manually. Again, I don't really know anything about it. I'm going to dig around to try and find some more out about it. Thanks.
I have a dat file which supposedly uses ms sql. How can I connect with this file through java? I have a jar with an ms sql driver. I dont have an ms sql server? and i dont really know anything about this. Thanks.
I read 5 year old posts but not ones from a few hours ago....

if anyone wants a ms sql driver -
Does anyone have a url to a ms SQL jdbc driver download? Preferably free? I checked this forum but all the old links are dead. Thanks.
found my answer...

it is from the java.library.path.

and you can set this with the flag

-Djava.library.path <path>
15 years ago
I'm using System.loadLibrary to load some .dlls... This loads files from the java.library.path ? or somewhere else?

and how would I set this with dos commands? Thanks.

15 years ago
When a remote object creates a new object - is it created in the JVM it (remote object) came from or the JVM that currently has a hold on it? Does CORBA work differently?

example : I wrote some native c++ code to access our calendar system... I wanted to put that on the server, than each client can log in and get an object that can handle the job. However , the clients seem to want to create the objects locally - or at least run the code locally ( calendar system isn't on client machines ).

I also did run the program successfully using one calendar-obj that was created before any clients logged in - they used that pre-created object instead of creating individual ones, and than made calls to the calendar software from their machines. So it seems the code only wants to run locally if I create it from a client machine vs getting it already created.

One last thing - the calendar object is serializable - but thats it. I don't try to export it or set it up to be remote.

Would the serializable-only be causing my problem? or would reworking this with CORBA work? ( dont know anything about corba) Thanks.

15 years ago
one of the classes I used for data didn't extend Serializable. Thats what caused the hang.
15 years ago
Well I changed my view to not call the Model. However, it seems the Model simply can't make any calls to the view at all. I'm going to assume its not being exported correctly - although a toString on the view the model is trying to call says its a ViewImpl_Stub and it knows the IP and objID for it.

When I say cant make any calls to the view - I mean the program tries to call the view and just hangs. The method is never entered, or at least nothing is printed in the model or view's console ( changed view's method to just print 'hi' and it still hung )

This is my view's constructor - theres got to be something wrong with the order I do things.... anyone who takes a look - thanks. Any help is appreciated.

I'm going to cut out the GUI filler to make this easier..

Thanks again.
[ May 12, 2005: Message edited by: Rich Stepanski ]
15 years ago
I've written an mvc style program that will use RMI to speak between the view and model.

Program works without using RMI (setting up model and view in same JVM) however when I try to use RMI I have problems. I have successfully bound my Model to the registry ( the view can get data from it, etc). My view implements the Remote interface and I use the UnicastRemoteObject.exportObject() method to export it in its constructor (I've tried exporting it in my main block also).

It seems to be exporting alright however any calls to it from the model hang.

I say its exporting alright because I can't export it a 2nd time ( already exported warning) and I can unexport it when I close. Any calls to the view from the model hang however. If I make 2 of the same calls (event driven) I get a ConcurrentModificationException. ( I use an iterator to go through my list of view listeners to notify of a change).

Anyway , I have no idea why my call is hanging. Like I said it works fine if I run everything in one JVM without any RMI. Anyone have any idea or suggestions about the hanging call? Thanks.

15 years ago