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We are upgrading our application Server from Weblogic 6.1 to WL 10.3.What are the changes needed in the EJB's which are currently in EJB 1.0? I tried googling it but did not find much relevant information.Any help/pointers is appreciated.
13 years ago
Hi Siraj,

Can you please give me your email-id as a PM?

I am eager to know more information.

Thank You
15 years ago
Wow...If thats the price then there will be less buyers in India....I am guessing the Indian edition price will be around the 300-500 Range....I am waiting for the same eagerly...
15 years ago
Being certified doesnt qualify you to ask for a rise...But it will surely reflect in your performance appraisal as a additional achievement and thus might get you a rise....But in case you are changing jobs and the particular certification is in demand you can demand more salary...

So direct answer to your question is NO.
15 years ago
It usually happens in most of the interviews that they ask more of syntax based questions rather than concept based ones. This will be easy for a guy who has very good memory or has constantly used over years.In worse case they have a set of questions to ask with answers and expect the same to be told to them.
A book like yours should focus also on that aspect. See both sides of the coin.If the person has good conceptual knowledge syntax is just got to do with google.Even if he is a master of syntax and has no conceptual knowledge, he will end up deisigning a bad application.
I have seen many cases where the candidate jumps from company to company in 6 months just because he does very well at interviews but at ground level does not deliver the promise.
[ February 26, 2008: Message edited by: Ashok Kumar ]
15 years ago
Let us know your analysis on the question and then ask your doubts....
[ October 29, 2007: Message edited by: Ashok Kumar ]
Look out for the case.instanceOf is not same as instanceof. All keywords in java are of lowercase.
in the first if condition if(bool=false)...You are assigning the value of false to bool....So !bool is true and answer c
Use weblogic workshop which is the weblogic customization of Eclipse.
Can you tell us what have you tried then we can help you.
16 years ago
Hi guys,

Is there anybody out there taking SCJP 5 from Singapore.And is anybody interested to form a study group wherein we can meet in the weekends for the preparation?
editplus is a very good text editor.Notepad is too plain and boring.
16 years ago
Here when you call the variable i in new Test ( ) . i the variable j is not yet initialized so it returns 0.But when you call the method new Test() . getX()..variable j is initialized so you get 10. A small change in code will give you 10-10 as the answer
Well the Java API states that

An Error is a subclass of Throwable that indicates serious problems that a reasonable application should not try to catch

.So it is not necessary to catch a error whereas you need to catch or declare thrown a Throwable (or Exception).
This question has been answered numerous times in this forum.You can search for them.The latest exam is better any day.
[ February 22, 2007: Message edited by: Ashok Kumar ]