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Recent posts by marco borsato

I was using the book "An Introduction to Web
Application Development with IBM WebSphere Studio" by Gary Craig and Peter
Jakab. When I try to use Debug on Server to run the lesson's HTML file, I
get an Error received when starting the server error message with a reason
of Failed to attach to localhost:7777. Can anyone please tell me what is wrong and what to do about it?
18 years ago
Anyone read Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box. Would you recommend it or do you think there is some other book, which is better?

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[ August 02, 2005: Message edited by: Pauline McNamara ]
18 years ago
i am planning to give scbcd in 1 month, basically studying in my holiday. my book of choice is head first ejb. the experience i have with ejb is actually zero - my knowledge is more on scwcd matters (which i have acquired), databases and mobile applications. is it feasible to take this exam high score is not required only decent pass. thanks sirs
[Andrew: Contents of post deleted, as we don't allow complaints about beta exam being closed.]
[ June 16, 2005: Message edited by: Andrew Monkhouse ]
19 years ago

I will spend around 2 weeks, 3-4 hours per day, to prepare this exam even I took other exams that covered most of the areas in SCJA.

that is 6 hours. ok i am not going for high score this time so i can do it in 5 hours

I just wonder, if you do not want to spend time on studying it, why you take the test? What is the meaning of failing an exam without study? Of course, if you pass the exam without study, you can tell other proudly.

well taking the exam is a learning experience on its own. failing without study will tell me what i need to study better. i am not really interested in telling other people that i did not study. quite the opposite. i think it is better to tell people that i had to study for years which makes the certificate more impressive

As Bert said, SCJP holders should be able to pass the exam with no doubts, however, taking an exam is one of the ways to learn, and thus, you will definitely learn something during the study path. If you learn nothing, it is better not to waste time on certain exams.

learning is something that has exaggerated importance. i have learned about a lot of tools and technologies but i have forgot most of them because i havenot been able to use them any more because of different job requirements. certificates are just resume dressing for me nothing more nothing less. anyway i hope your assesment is correct and everything will workout
19 years ago
certainly challenfe cuz dont know the qustions but yes i dont know how much is required to know. for sure if it is possible i would like to study max 5 hours before exam
19 years ago
what if 1 fails for exam after scjp success. i do not want to study but basically my knowledge is strong in some areas and weak in others. what is minimalistic approach to exam
19 years ago

i am currently preparing for Websphere certification. Can you recommend good sources for mock exams? Your help is appreciated.

does anybody know a good voip certificate or can give me a hint about it? Thanks.
What is so special about this cert? I have searched for CIW books, but they are mostly about support roles. I guess it is not so popular!?
I am studying for the tiger beta with "developer's notebook" which comes with code samples and ant build file:

I installed tiger JDK and Websphere 5, but am having trouble with ant. I get the error "javac nested compilerarg". It looks like is not using Tiger compiler features although I have only tiger JDK installed.

I have had in my hands the book "Java how to program" 6th edition. It has some chapters on 5.0. Does anybody know if it has the relevant contents for the exam?

I have one with 84%. Can you help make it perfect?
I read the "developers notebook" and I have a few questions:

- Are annotations covered in the objectives?
- is format really always interchangeable with printf if yes what's the point?
- when are we going to get scanf or pointers ?
- are Executor, Callable, ExecutorService and atomic types covered?
- for which classes is it important to study the javadoc?
- where can we find good online resources for tiger SCJP

Sumimasen no singy for you nobuhiro san, well maybe for bottle of sake