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Recent posts by Sabeena Surendran

I passed the exam today with 92%.
I had been aiming for a perfect score, but the exam turned out to be not quite as easy as I expected.
The simple questions were just that.. really simple, but there were some that had me thinking a lot.

Came home, and checked the HFSJ book. Turns out that some of the ones I got wrong were already covered in the book.
Guess I should have read it one more time!

I used the HFSJ book (read that twice and made notes), and looked through the specs briefly. I also went through the notes by Mikalai Zaikin once.
Did mocks from both editions of the HFSJ book, and the Enthuware mocks.
The difficulty level of the real exam was very close to the Enthuware mocks.

My tips:

  • Read the HFSJ book, and look for possible questions everywhere. Including those 'There are no dumb questions..' and the other comment thingies scrawled on the pages.
  • Check out the generated classes for JSP and Tag files when you try out examples. It helps in figuring out how jsp:useBean, EL, Tag attributes and scriptlets can be used together.
  • Make sure you know the API well (memorize if you have to), and learn the deployment descriptor XSD structure throughly.These kind of questions are the simplest to score off, but its also easy to get them wrong
  • 11 years ago
    I passed the SCJP 6 exam yesterday.
    I had only 2 weeks to prepare too.
    For the most part, I used the Kathy Sierra book, and the Examlab software.

    The ExamLab software is great and makes for excellent practice, the GUI is very similar to the real exam.
    I was getting around 60s in the Examlab version, and I was very very worried! But the real exam is a lot easier, I got a 93%.

    Thanks a lot Devaka.
    I had almost decided to buy the Whizlabs package, when I ran across this forum thread and decided to try ExamLab instead.
    I will definitely make a donation to your site, this thing is just too good to be free!
    I gave the SCJP 6 exam yesterday, and passed with a 93%.
    My score sheet said the pass score was 58%. There were 60 questions to be answered in 3 hours.

    For the most part, the questions were quite simple.
    I used the Kathy Sierra book and downloaded the mock exam from this site to prepare. The questions in the mock are good and much tougher than the real one, and the GUI is very similar to whats in the real exam.

    Just one more thing. The drag and drop answers get reset when you try to review them, so be sure of your answer before you hit Done on them!